Links I Loved Last Week: A Round-up of Online Reading 3/29/15

Sunday Salon

Rachel Cusk’s piece on Raising Teenagers is my must-read of the week.

I also really needed Todd VanderWerff’s Genes Aren’t Destiny, and Other Things I’ve Learned From Being Adopted this week.

I wish every parent with traumatized kids would read Jillian Lauren’s Why I Sing Loudly at Whole Foods. When in doubt, SING. Or talk about pickles. Anything to short-circuit those brains. (Theirs AND ours because secondary PTSD is REAL.)

Erika at Three Teachers Talk writes about the teachability of one of my favorite graphic novels, G. Neri’s Yummy.

I had to change to waterproof mascara when I started teaching because it made me cry far too often. And I’m not much of a crier!

George Couros explains why Twitter is so important for teachers: “access 24/7 to great ideas.”

Kylene Beers congratulates Nancie Atwell on winning The Global Teacher Award (so well-deserved! How many of us have had our teaching lives profoundly changed by Atwell?), shares how Atwell’s ground-breaking work impacted her own teaching, and discusses why this is a terrible–but necessary–time to become a public school teacher.

The Hub shares tips for adding more serendipity to your reading life.

One of my very favorite writers, Jason Reynolds, nails the problem with diversity: what we really need is inclusivity.

I love verse novels–especially at the end of the year when I’m trying to pad my reading numbers!–and one of my favorite parenting blogs has a great list of 14 recommended titles (5 of which I’ve never even heard of!).

Lee & Low Blog shares a list of resources for finding culturally diverse materials for your classroom.

Leslea Newman reflects on writing and publishing Heather Has Two Mommies 25 years ago.





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