Links I Loved Last Week: A Round-Up of Online Reading 4/5/15

Sunday Salon

My must-read of the week is Katherine Sokolowski’s post about what she knows to be true about teaching and learning.

Justin Tarte shares 5 ways to tell if students are truly engaged.

I wish all English teachers would read this post from George Couros, who has a minor in English but never fully read the books that were assigned.

I love this idea for a 30-day writing challenge from Read Write Inspire.

Pernille Ripp reminds us that our students don’t want to make and create all the time, and that’s okay too.

If you’re thinking you have an unreachable student, you should focus more on what the child can do than what he can’t.

Wondering what books teens really want to read right now? Sarah Anderson shares the titles that just keep walking off her shelf.

The Reading Zone shares reflections from student bloggers who just completed a 31-day slicing challenge. Great reasons to invite students to blog here!

Stacked has hosted a really interesting series “About the Girls” this week. Editor Jordan Brown’s post, On Curiosity, is well worth a read.

Bookstores with pets? Yes please.

The Mark of a Masterpiece looks at art forgery, restoration, attribution, authentication, and fraud. Fascinating stuff!

Who knew that libraries pull pranks on April Fool’s Day??

My friend Elizabeth reviews her March reading. There are several titles that sound intriguing to me and fit my 2015 goal of reading more books for grown-ups.

I really like Jordan Buschur’s paintings of books.

One of very favorite writers, Jason Reynolds, is participating in National Poetry Month and writing a new poem for his blog every day. So far, I have loved Hugging Jose the most.

Regie Routman reminds us, “A good reading lesson puts students before standards.”

I missed #veryrealisticYA, but thankfully Book Riot compiled some of the best tweets.

Book Riot also has some terrific ideas for supporting women authors.





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