Links I Loved Last Week: A Round-Up of Online Reading 4/26/15

Sunday Salon


The post I most needed to read this week was Dear Adoptive Parents: An “Angry Adoptee” Gets Vulnerable. Hard stuff, but so necessary.

I might try some of these Sensory Hacks to Calm an Angry Child.

I’m also intrigued by DIY Temporary Tattoos Designed by Kids.

Brain Pickings has a wonderful collection of picture books about creative courage.

Cathy Davidson suggests ways to change the higher ed classroom.

Three Teachers Talk shares a strategy to get high school students reading through speed-dating with books.

Justina Chen interviews Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell about why it’s important to incorporate poetry in the classroom.

Katherine Sokolowski’s students got to share their picture book love with pre-service teachers.

Casey Robertson’s list of top 10 blog post ideas for student bloggers is going to come in handy in several of my classes.

After reading this interview between young adult authors Trish Doller and Courtney Summers about YA lit that focuses on rape culture, I realize I have some important YA lit reading to catch up on.

This is a terrific post on how to organize reading and writing workshop.

TeachThought has tips for making an aging iPad a little faster.





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