Links I Loved Last Week: A Round-up of Online Reading 5/10/15

Sunday Salon

I wish I had some happy Mother’s Day posts for you all, but instead, the parenting post I loved most this week examines “the physical ache of babies growing up” and not wanting to be snuggly anymore. Argh! I can’t even bear thinking about it.

I’m really interested in The unPrison Project, designed to get books into prison nurseries so that new mothers can read with their babies.

Beth celebrates the beautiful mess that is learning.

Rafranz Davis has an important post about how we share our students’ stories and words, even when we have permission.

George Couros reminds us that we don’t have to embrace every new technology and “do it all.”

A teacher from Garfield High School in Seattle writes an open letter to the superintendent, school board, and legislators about why she objects to the Smarter Balance tests and won’t administer them to her students.

Katie at The Logonauts curated a wonderful list of picture books about seeing possibilities.

Katherine Sokolowski interviews Brian Wyzlic about the importance of relationships in the classroom. I especially liked this bit: “my students do more than they usually could as a direct result of the bonds I have with them.”

Lifelong readers aren’t motivated to read by prizes or punishment. Donalyn Miller reminds us what works to create lifelong readers and invites everyone to join her in the summer #bookaday challenge.

Forever Amber shares 5 things you DON’T have to do to make your blog successful.

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