Celebrate: Little Appreciations from Last Week #celebratelu 5/23/15

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Ruth Ayres hosts a weekly celebration on her blog. I appreciate this invitation to reflect on the positives of my week.

Cloudy days for a road trip.

Eavesdropping on conversations in coffee shops.

Stacks upon stacks of new books to browse at The Tattered Cover. Books I already knew I wanted and books I met for the first time and took home with me.

New lipsticks with silly names. Baby Lips. Tender Lips.

Strong coffee.

Free Wifi at the doctor’s office.

Freshly made injera for sale at an Ethiopian market on Colfax.

Colfax in all its wild and unexpected humanity.

Eleven hours of sleep on Thursday night.

80s movies.


A student I hadn’t seen in over 10 years: “Miss E, is that you?!”

My husband’s response after reading the slice I wrote about our son: “Wow, he seems like a normal kid.”

Yearbook, 1985. “To the most eccentric girl I know. PS You should brush your hair more often.”

Jamie Foxx’s impression of Doc Rivers.

Orange poppies blooming all over the yard.

Iris that weren’t the least bit daunted by 13 inches of heavy wet snow.

Mornings alone before anyone else is awake.

My dog’s insane joy when I come home.

A copy of Alexander, a favorite picture book from childhood that I thought was long lost, tucked in the back of a storage cupboard.
My husband’s new nickname for Frances: Puke Meister F.
The words I needed to read in a parenting book.
Comments from readers on my blog.
Escaping to the back staircase to sit and write long after everyone else has gone to sleep.
My son whispering I love you into my neck.
A new day, a chance to do it better.


Puke Meister F, resting up for another round of projectile vomiting


This post was inspired by Carrie Gelson’s Little Appreciations.





15 responses to “Celebrate: Little Appreciations from Last Week #celebratelu 5/23/15”

  1. carriegelson Avatar

    I am honoured to have inspired the beginnings of this wonderful list. Some make me smile and some yank at my heart strings like that comment from your husband after reading your slice . . . Did you know that my husband is now a regular reader of your blog? He often walks around completely done in after reading your words. I wish you some wonderful coffee, new blooming orange flowers and lots of “love you” whispers.

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      I did not know your husband reads my blog! That’s quite a compliment! My husband does not usually read my blog, though he did read a few of my slices this week. He was in tears after reading Track Meet–which made me laugh because he lived the whole day right next to me without even the slightest welling up! Of course I cried enough for two….. I’ve thought often over the past week or two of your Little Appreciations post and how much I liked it.

  2. jarhartz Avatar

    Love reading your list. I have the same smiles and heart tugging feelings as Carrie as I read this list. You offer so much of yourself with this. The last one is one for us all.

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      Absolutely, Julieanne. Love the opportunities offered by a new day.

  3. Tara Smith Avatar

    Lovely to wander though your celebrations, Elisabeth. And I am amazed at your courage in letting Puke Meister F sit directly next to your Macbook. You are a risk taker, for sure!

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      The Macbook is safe, Tara, because Puke Meister F only pukes on soft, absorbent surfaces!

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  5. Linda Baie Avatar

    It’s a mixmaster of a life, just right for celebrations small and large, and kisses too. Glad you had fun at our special Tattered Cover & on Colfax-ever an adventure.

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      Managed to hit the Colfax and LoDo locations, Linda. I love a bookstore that opens at 6:30 a.m.!

  6. Carol Avatar

    Oh my gosh! If I had known you were in Denver, I’d have run over to Tattered Cover to meet you, even for a few minutes. That’s less than ten minutes from my house!

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      If I’d known that, I definitely would have emailed you! I almost got in touch to let you know I was coming but then I was afraid I’d end up having to cancel at the last minute so decided not to try to make any plans. Next time I come I will let you know for sure and we will meet for coffee–I would LOVE that!

  7. crbrunelle Avatar

    Lovely list. Thanks for sharing. You touched my heart and made me giggle too. A perfect combination.

  8. Haddon Musings Avatar

    What a great list and what a wonderful, heartfelt week you have had. Wishing you an even longer list next week.

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  10. Kellee Moye (@kelleemoye) Avatar

    You are such a beautiful writer.
    Love the different styles you include in your writing and the little bit of you & your family you share with us.

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