Links I Loved Last Week: A Round-Up of Online Reading 5/31/15

Sunday Salon

This week’s must-read: a really beautiful and important ode to black boys dancing by Stacia Brown.

At Unleashing Readers, one of my favorite YA authors, Pete Hautman, tackles the question he’s asked most frequently by readers: How long does it take to write a book?

The Englishist reminded me of all the reasons why Meg Cabot is awesome.

I love Cheriee’s invitation to her students to star the books they love. What a terrific way for readers to see how much love a book is getting–and for teachers and librarians to get a clear visual of what’s popular.

Emily Meixner shares how she introduces her pre-service teachers to the wonders of graphic novels in a great post at Nerdy Book Club, Girls and Graphic Novels.

Don’t forget to download two YA audiobooks for free each week of the summer!

Amy Rasmussen shares her AP Testing Data–including the data that actually matters, what her students say.

My pre-service teachers will find a lot to think about in Helena Bozic’s So I’m a Teacher Now–Ten Reflections From the First Ten Weeks.

Kylene Beers celebrates what great teachers do best–offer hope.

As always, Pernille Ripp challenges us to do the things that scare us in the classroom: ask our students about our teaching.

Buying a book for a new parent? Carrie Gelson curates a wonderful list of picture books that “can be grown into” in her post, Picture Books for New Parents.

My favorite therapeutic parenting guru and coach, Christine Moers, is reposting some older blog posts. I love this one on What Healing Really Looks Like.

4 thoughts on “Links I Loved Last Week: A Round-Up of Online Reading 5/31/15

  1. P.S. Some of these links look fabulous. This is our last week of school and stuff is crazy busy– I’m at home late today because my dog hurt her leg and I have to do a vet appt at 8:30. Later this week, when I can breathe again, I want to come back and check out some of these, esp. the one on what healing looks like and black boys.

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