Summer 2015 PD Plans

Kelsey Empfield recently finished student teaching and will be teaching in her own seventh-grade classroom in the fall. To help her organize her #summerPD plans, she’s made a list of goals–specific, measurable, attainable. Please visit her blog to comment on her goals and consider making your own.


After expressing my fears of June, July, and August, I have decided that I can waste away the summer months fretting over the commencement of school or I can do something about it. Deciding to grab my pen and write out my fears, I realized my fears were simply of the unknown.

I’m slowly accepting that I cannot change the things I do not know. But what I can do is make a plan. Inspired by Elisabeth’s Summer PD blog series, I made a checklist of my own summer professional development I want to accomplish.

With checklist in hand, I already feel more at ease than I was last week. So without further adieu, here is my summer pd plans:

1. Poetry Jar

5034498944_b677fab530_o CC image by Amanda Tipton

The closure of each class will be a poem of the day. I love that students leave my class with…

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