Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I’ve Read So Far in 2015



Top Ten Tuesday is a bookish meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish. Technically, this is last week’s topic, but I really enjoyed reading other people’s lists of their favorites so far in 2015 and decided I wanted to make my own list.

roller girl

A lively, engaging graphic novel about a tween who navigates changing friendships and family frustrations while training in roller derby. The roller rink makes for a fascinating and unique setting, and the characters are believable and dynamic.

ballet cat totally secret secret

I love love LOVE Ballet Cat: The Totally Secret Secret. What’s not to love? There’s a sparkle pony and a ballet cat and leaping and twirling and a beautiful friendship which is tested and strengthened. Perfection.

everything you ever wanted


Jillian Lauren writes beautifully about how she becomes the mother her son needs. I could relate to so much in this book.

lena finkle's magic barrel

A graphic novel for grown-ups about mothering and writing and teaching and creativity and relationships and friendship. About life, in other words.


Graham Byrne’s illustrations bring the Australian outback to life, and Claire Saxby’s writing shows how lyrical and evocation nonfiction writing can be. Plus, lots of cool emu facts!

100 essays i don't have time to write

Maybe my favorite book of 2015? Sarah Ruhl’s very brief essays about theater took me totally by surprise. So much brilliance here about mothering, creating, working, living.

p zonka lays an egg

I love stories about moving to the beat of your own drum, and P. Zonka most definitely does that. Other hens are focused on laying eggs, but P. Zonka is too busy appreciating the beauties and wonders of her world. Eventually she does lay an egg–and what an egg it is!

last stop on market street

Picture book perfection. CJ’s grandmother helps him see the beauty in the world around them as they travel on the bus to a surprise destination that pulls the themes of the story together in the most satisfying way.

when i was the greatest

Oh, Jason Reynolds. I love your debut novel so much. The rich complexities and strong voices of these characters will stick with me for a long time.

ahhaAn alphabet book that makes me reconsider my resistance to alphabet books. Quirky, curious, delightful for adults and children alike.


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