Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesday: 10 Books I Want to Add to My Classroom Library #nfpb2015

nonfiction picture book challenge 2015

My favorite reading challenge is Kid Lit Frenzy’s Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge. Visit Alyson’s blog to discover more wonderful nonfiction titles.

I don’t have a dedicated classroom, so technically these are books I want to buy for my office library. My lending library, I call it. It’s a small space dominated by four large bookshelves filled to overflowing with children’s, young adult, and professional development books. Given that I have no more space for books, I should probably stop buying—but we all know that’s not going to happen, right? I buy a lot of nonfiction titles because I love to share them in my classes and it hasn’t been an area of purchasing focus for my local libraries. Inspired by Carrie Gelson’s recent Picture Book Wishlist, here’s a list of 10 nonfiction picture book titles I really want–need?–to buy.

untamedamazing age of john roy lynchgordon parks i'm trying to love spiders octopus scientists in mary's garden project seahorse trapped sky painter trombone shorty

7 responses to “Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesday: 10 Books I Want to Add to My Classroom Library #nfpb2015”

  1. Well, I do love wish lists of books we must (need to?) have! Trombone Shorty is on my nonfiction wish list as well! Well, I actually could make a list from your list! I have Trapped! and the one about spiders. Trapped! is beautiful and was a great read aloud. I am now busy ordering books I don’t have for my planned water unit. Getting some great suggestions.

  2. I haven’t gotten to read any of these yet, but they are definitely some I have heard good things about.

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