Links I Loved Last Week: A Round-up of Online Reading 8/2/15

Sunday Salon

Pernille Ripp and Paul Hankins published two must-read posts about using picture books in middle school and high school classes: Why Picture Books–5 Reasons They Belong in Every Classroom and Let ‘Er Rip!: Picture Books in Every Classroom. I use picture books in all of my college classes–including the ones that have nothing to do with children’s literature–so there really is a place for them in EVERY classroom.

Katherine Sokolowski wrote a beautiful post about firsts and lasts as parents and teachers. Made me cry.

Audrey Watters tackles the question of how teens use social media–probably not in the ways we assume.

Martin Moran’s Stop Chasing is one of the most important posts I’ve read in the last couple of months on education.

Kelsey Empfield shares takeaways and classroom practice ideas she’s gleaned from reading one of my favorite professional development books, Peter Johnston’s Choice Words. I’m bookmarking this post to remind myself of the ways I want to use questions and silence in the classroom.

It’s nearly time for the dreaded series of meetings with my son’s teachers, wherein I attempt to explain trauma and encourage them to use techniques that will actually support my son rather than retraumatize him. Bryan Post’s How to Talk to Your Child’s Teacher is my guide this year.

Looking for some funny Newberys to read or share? Betsy Bird’s got the hook-up.

Beth Shaum questions the need for a teacher’s desk and challenges teachers to get out from behind it–and maybe get rid of it altogether.

Going through a creative drought? Book Riot has a list of inspiring books to spur your creativity.

4 thoughts on “Links I Loved Last Week: A Round-up of Online Reading 8/2/15

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  2. Love this roundup of links you loved! Off to check out the Ripp and Hankins posts about picture books and Betsy Bird’s funny Newberys. Thanks for sharing.

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