Links I Loved Last Week: A Round-Up of Online Reading 9/27/15

Sunday Salon

Jennifer Serravallo has a terrific article about how to turn reading workshop obstacles into opportunities.

Jabiz Raidana shares a method of assessing writer’s notebooks and writing workshop that’s working in his classroom.

Amy at Three Teachers Talk reminds us of the most important work we do each day: notice the learners in our classrooms.

Pernille Ripp explains why we need to get rid of public shaming systems in our classrooms.

A really powerful and important post from Teen Librarian Toolbox about the challenges transgender children can face at incredibly young ages plus book recommendations to help us understand, empathize with, and support transgender youth.

Book Riot has helpful advice for pushing yourself out of your reading comfort zone–but in a very comfortable way.

I’m all in with the October Graphic Novel Celebration blogging event, but if you aren’t sure if you want to participate, check out the Top 10 Reasons you should.

Katherine Applegate wrote a lovely post about what it’s like as an introvert to do author visits and why it’s important to share more information about the big issues at the center of her novels with young readers.

Jess Lifshitz discovers the sports nonfiction section of the library and hooks another reader.

Book Riot wants to be sure you’re getting the most out of your GoodReads account.

I’ve been loving coloring books for grown-ups for some time, but just in case you need some encouragement, check out Book Riot’s How I Learned to Love Grown-Up Coloring Books.





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