#15for31: Do I Dare Commit to a Reading Challenge?


My reading life over the past few months has been sad. I do have excuses. I taught a course overload in spring, and I’m teaching one now. I also have two completely new preps this semester. For most of the year, too, parenting has been really intense, and I’ve lost some of the guaranteed daily reading time that I used to have. I’ve also misplaced some of my focus and stamina. “The reading zone,” as Nancie Atwell calls it, isn’t as easy for me to enter these days. I have a lot on my mind, and I’m easily distracted. I’d rather just watch TV or check Facebook.

Except that I miss reading. I miss who I am when I read more.

And that’s where the #15for31 Reading Challenge comes in. Cooked up by Andi at Estella’s Revenge, the challenge is simple: 15 books in the 31 days of October. The last time I read 15 or more books in a month was December 2014, and the chances of finishing 15 this month are pretty slim. But even though I don’t truly expect to reach the goal of 15, I think a reading challenge might motivate me to read more than I otherwise would. And what better way to cure a reading slump than, well, reading?

As for what I want to read, I never did make much progress on my Summer TBR list—which didn’t stop me from making a Fall TBR list. And there’s my #MustReadin2015 list, which is mostly filled with books that I somehow didn’t feel like I must read once the calendar turned to January 2015.

Here are a few more books I’m thinking about for this October challenge:

wide open world ms marvel vol 2 minds made for stories sorcerer to crown spirits abroad






3 responses to “#15for31: Do I Dare Commit to a Reading Challenge?”

  1. Wyoming Jen Avatar
    Wyoming Jen

    You can do it!
    A wise professor once said that a challenge can be revised later if needed. Are you only counting books that are for “personal” reading, rather than “professional” or “parental” reading?
    You can do it!!

  2. paigesposts Avatar

    This is awesome! I never thought about participating in a reading challenge before. Thanks for spreading the word and I hope you enjoy the challenge! Happy reading!

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