Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesday: Top 10 Books I Still Need to Read for the Mock Sibert

nonfiction picture book challenge 2015

The 2015 Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge is hosted by Kid Lit Frenzy. Visit Alyson’s blog to discover wonderful nonfiction picture book titles.

The Robert F. Sibert Informational Award, which honors the most distinguished informational books published for children, is one of my favorite ALA Youth Media Awards: the books that win are consistently among the best I read every year. Kid Lit Frenzy is hosting a Mock Sibert this year and I plan to participate–but I still have a lot of reading to do before I’m ready to name the 5 most distinguished informational books of 2015.

Looking through lists of likely titles, I’m sure I’ve already read at least a few serious contenders, but I found a few dozen that I’d still like to read. It was hard work to narrow that list down to just 10 picture books I think I need to read:

most amazing creature in sea

The Most Amazing Creature in the Sea

great monkey rescue

The Great Monkey Rescue: Saving the Golden Lion Tamarins

sky painter

The Sky Painter: Louis Fuertes, Bird Artist

funny bones

Funny Bones: Posada and His Day of the Dead Calavares

nutcracker came to america

The Nutcracker Came to America: How Three Ballet-Loving Brothers Created a Holiday Tradition

jump back paul

Jump Back, Paul: The Life and Poems of Paul Laurence Dunbar

house that jane built

The House That Jane Built: A Story about Jane Addams

amazing age of john roy lynch

The Amazing Age of John Roy Lynch


Trapped! A Whale’s Rescue

how to swallow a pig

How to Swallow a Pig: Step-by-Step Advice from the Animal Kingdom

13 responses to “Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesday: Top 10 Books I Still Need to Read for the Mock Sibert”

  1. I loved Amazing Creatures, still need to read some of your list, Elisabeth, especially How To Swallow A Pig Sky Painter and Funny Bones. There are so many I’ve read, but even more I haven’t. Being on that committee must be a challenge!

    • I agree, Linda–the Sibert would be one of the more challenging committees. So many wonderful nonfiction titles this year–as every year, I think. I haven’t read as widely this year as I did last year, so there are still many titles I need to find.

  2. Our brains are on the same wave length today! I made a very similar post. I loved Trapped! Such a beautiful book. Shared it last year with my class. I am very busy trying to read more nonfiction picture books. And so enjoying it!

    • I loved Trapped, too, and was especially impressed that the author built it out of a newspaper article. It was so much more vibrant and alive than anything I read in the paper!
      (Also, it made me want to go and learn how to save whales.)

  3. The Robert F. Sibert award has been my favorite to read for my challenge this semester so this Mock Sibert situation has really caught my attention. Do you think it’s too late to participate?!

  4. The Great Monkey Rescue! Thanks for putting that on my radar–the golden lion tamarin is my favorite animal. That little face on the cover made me smile instantly 🙂

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