Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesday: Top 10 Favorite Nonfiction of 2015

nonfiction picture book challenge 2015

There are so many 2015 nonfiction picture book titles that I never got around to this year. If I had followed through on my reading plans, I have a feeling that this list might be very different. Still, in a year that felt like one long reading slump where I quit every reading challenge I set for myself, I’m proud that I consistently sought out and read nonfiction picture books throughout the year. And even though I missed some of the titles getting the most buzz, I still read some wonderful books. Here are my favorite nonfiction picture books of the year. And be sure to visit Kid Lit Frenzy to discover many more wonderful nonfiction titles.

trombone shortyburied sunlightemucase for lovingemmanuel's dream

tricky vicsecret world of walter anderson

i'm trying to love spiderslittle melba


8 responses to “Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesday: Top 10 Favorite Nonfiction of 2015”

    • I had a spider epiphany last year when one of my students brought her tarantula to class and I decided to hold her. Layla (the tarantula) was so beautiful and so interesting. Little spiders still kind of ick me out, but I’m on board with the big ones!

    • The spider book is terrific–very clever way to write nonfiction and a useful mentor text for student writers, I think. I was so impressed by this title from Molly Bang–a very complex subject explained in a way that even I could understand!

  1. I’ve read & liked them all, but the Walter Anderson book, will look for it! Great books here, but I think Claire Saxby’s Emu is just wonderful, as is Big Red Kangaroo. Beautiful art. Enjoy your break, Elisabeth.

    • You will love the Walter Anderson book, Linda. Beautiful illustrations by E.B. Lewis are a huge bonus! I almost included two titles from Claire Saxby as I loved Big Red Kangaroo just as much as Emu.

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