My Year in Blogging: Readers’ Five Favorite Posts in 2015


I don’t really track stats on my blog, but I always look forward to the annual summary stats that WordPress prepares for bloggers. I like the randomness of some of the information: people from 82 countries visited my blog! I’m especially popular in Canada! June 14 saw the most single-day visits: 350! (What the heck did I write about on June 14?!)

Once again, my top-viewed post in 2015 is one I published in 2013, What If I’m Not a Good Teacher? (Spoiler alert: you won’t be! It’s okay.) This is a topic I’m determined to revisit in 2016, because I think I have some different things to say about it now. (Though I can still promise the inspirational perspective of “you won’t be.”)

A failed Top 10 list came in second. I could only come up with 7 kinda-sorta-not-really read-alikes for The One and Only Ivan, but I’m still pleased with that list. Revisiting the list tonight, I wondered if I couldn’t think of three measly titles more to round out the list. But no. What is it about that book?!

10 Ideas for Getting Started with #SummerPD makes a surprise appearance at the three spot. Proof, perhaps, that readers like posts with numbers and hashtags?

Another book list (with numbers and hashtags!) comes in fourth: 10 Picture Books I Can’t Wait to Share with My College Students. And yes, they were all wonderful books to share!

Finally, A Writing Life Requires Bravery is one of my own favorite pieces of the year. I love it when writing a piece helps me discover something I didn’t know before I started writing. This post shares an awkward moment from one of my classes when my students refused to share their writing along with my reflections on what that moment meant.


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