Celebrate: Slice of Life Story Challenge

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I’ve done it. I’ve finally done it.

I just signed up to participate in the Slice of Life Storytelling Challenge at Two Writing Teachers.

I’ve thought about participating for years. Last year, I even signed up to be a Welcome Wagon volunteer and commented daily on several new slicers’ posts for the whole month.

I try to slice every Tuesday in March in solidarity. I slice sporadically on Tuesdays throughout the rest of the year.

The reason I’ve never committed to 31 days of slicing is the same reason I’m a sporadic slicer the rest of the year.

Slices are hard.

It sounds so simple:

 What should I write about? Can I write about teaching?

ANSWER: A slice of life storytelling technique that offers insight into an ordinary person’s life.  You can think of it as a small moment story.  You’re not telling about your whole day – just a piece of it.

A small moment of a day. I always imagine that a small moment should take a small amount of time and effort to write. But that’s never how slices work for me. Maybe some writers can dash them off, but I’ve never been good at the quick slice. I’m a slow writer. I agonize for far too long over what to write about and then when I finally find the thing I want to explore, I need to go back to the piece again and again over hours or days to shape it the way I want it, to figure out what I mean to say, to discover what I really think.

But I’ve been away from writing for too long. My writer’s notebook has exactly three entries in it since December. I’ve been filling pages—but with notes, lists, recipes, reminders.

I miss living as a writer.

I feel the itch to write every Tuesday when I read incredible pieces by Carol, by Carrie, by Julieanne.

Every Tuesday, the invitation is there. All I have to do is accept it.

I’m a little nervous. I’ve read Michelle’s excellent post, 10 Tips for the Challenge. I’ve bookmarked a few websites for writing inspiration. I’ve started making a list of topics I might write about.

I’m ready.

And so today I celebrate this incredible invitation to write daily in March. I celebrate my own good intentions. And I celebrate the wonderful teachers and writers who inspire me.


14 responses to “Celebrate: Slice of Life Story Challenge”

  1. Oh my gosh! This is so exciting for me! (And you of course). I’m obsessed with reading your slices. The one about mornings with your son I still go back and reread occasionally. Can’t wait for March! 🙂

    • That’s so sweet, Nicky! I’m pretty sure I’ll be slicing quite a bit about my poor son–who probably wishes I didn’t find him so worth writing about! I’m kind of wishing today that I hadn’t decided to do this…. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt like I have time to blog every day. But maybe those are the times we most need a challenge like this?

      • Good thing he doesn’t have a blog! 🙂 that’s got to help a little. I find that I never feel like I have the time to do most of what I want. When I mark it as a priority, I always find a way to make time. 🙂

  2. Ok. You have totally inspired me now. I, too, have done the slices here and there but have been slacking badly in my own writing lately and the the twowritingteachers posts keep popping up everywhere about the March Challenge. Perhaps I should just bite the bullet and do it, too. Bring it on! 😉

    • Slacking, yes for sure for me too! The post I promised you about the Steads’ NCTE presentation has seriously been sitting in a partially finished draft form for like 2 months now! Maybe it will become a slice?! I definitely think you should bite the bullet and do it. I’m giving myself permission–even encouragement–to slice short, at least some of the time.

  3. I’m sure you’ve got a lot of good stories in you. You could write about your son and jumping off of things. Being a parent has to be so hard. I don’t think I could do it. O_o

    • It IS hard! Holy smokes! I do find it really hard to find the stories in my life. I rush, rush, rush, and I don’t really stop and pay attention. That’s what March is going to be about: paying attention. My son is CONSTANTLY jumping off stuff. Maybe I’ll write a slice called ‘Leap”!

  4. I was thinking teaching a class online and reading everything we are assigned to blog, tweet, list on goodreads, and feedly, seems so much more daunting then a child. You’ll do fine your blogs always hold my interests

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