Links I Loved Last Week: A Round-Up of Online Reading 2/28/16

Sunday Salon

My must-reads this week are two powerful slices by Carol: one about sleepless nights as a mother of twenty-somethings and one about the ways that school fails clever kinesthetic learners like our sons.

Jackie’s excellent post contrasting Natural vs Unnatural Learning is a good place to start rethinking school. And I love the metaphor of school as summer camp.

Catherine adds her support to coloring in the classroom (with links to several great articles). I swear, I’m going to start assigning it in every class!

Jennifer Serravallo offers great suggestions for supporting independent readers in a workshop setting.

I learn so much about being a good parent and a compassionate human being from my awesome parenting coach, Christine Moers. Her post, Dance With It, was just the reminder I needed this week.

Sarah Andersen reflects on her teaching resolution to book talk more books and shares the titles her students can’t get enough of.

I signed up for the Slice of Life Story Challenge, which begins March 1. I’ve practically memorized Michelle’s 10 Tips for the Challenge.

This is why I love my job: Make a Difference.

I promise your whole day will be better if you look at these great photos of cats with books.

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