Currently: Slice of Life 4/31 #sol16

Frances Currently

LISTENING to the click of Frances’s toenails across the wood floors and the snores of my elderly dog napping beside me on the couch

WONDERING what we’re going to have for dinner tonight. Why do humans have to eat so often?

THINKING about what helps me recharge and feel rejuvenated when I get a break

FEELING grateful to have an unexpected two hours to myself this afternoon

TEXTING another trauma mom who totally gets why I have no idea what to do with myself when I have an unexpected two hours alone

READING The Emperor’s Last Island, a reread of a travel narrative-history book I adored when I was 23

REFLECTING on the person I was at 23 to have loved this book so much

DRINKING a second cup of coffee in my favorite Read & Grow coffee mug

WATCHING American Idol and obsessing over La’Portia’s incredible voice

WISHING I had the five manuscripts I owe already edited and revised

WORKING ON mustering up the wherewithal to work out

CRAFTING a Zentangle in geometric shapes created by my son




27 responses to “Currently: Slice of Life 4/31 #sol16”

  1. Love the format of this slice. What we do with our free time when it is so rare. I am empty nest and still I am surprised by time alone. Love the zentangle. I’ve tried it a few times but I’ve never been quite happy with the results. I love the 3-D look of this one. Thanks for sharing. (I used love 3 x; I must expand my vocabulary.)

    • As much as I long for free time and time alone, it feels weird to have it! I have enjoyed doing more Zentangling during my son’s concussion recovery. I need to make some time each week for art projects like this. Very relaxing and I do think they look cool when finished!

    • I Googled “Currently Blog Meme” and found lots of cool options on Pinterest! I think Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness does it really well. Her “Currentlys” always feel like they have substantial content to them.

  2. I am with you! I love this concept of Currently but have never tried it out! You have inspired me to try it out on my own sometime during this challenge!! I applaud your efforts today. Thanks for the nudge!!

    • In March, there is a daily writing challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers blog. Throughout the rest of the year, “Slicers” post slices on Tuesdays. A wonderful community and an interesting writing challenge!

  3. Texting the other trauma Mom . . . I get how it must be strange to have down time and not need to be on high alert. Get it for different reasons (my classroom) but relate. Sounds like you managed well though!

    • That’s just it–not being on high alert. Very, very hard to calm a body that’s used to being on high alert all the day as we are here. It was really a lovely two hours that turned into 4.5! Writing, reading, yoga, a little puttering.

  4. Elisabeth ~ your post made me smile. You’ve given me so much inspiration from your writing over the last couple of years. I am grateful you were able to tuck away a whisper of inspiration from me and craft it into something of your own. We really should be writing buddies. 🙂

    • Watching inspiration at work is one thing I’m really enjoying about this writing challenge. I see a topic or structure on one blog repeated with variations somewhere else the next day! I’m certainly keeping my own list to work with for the month! Thanks, Shari!

    • It’s a great structure for a time-crunched day! I wasn’t exactly time-crunched yesterday but have been wanting to try this one out. Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness really gets a lot of meaty content into her “Currentlys”. I need to figure out how she does that!

  5. I’m going to borrow this format too! And what a sweet cat photo. I miss having cats more than just about anything from my childhood. My husband has severe allergies. Fish just DO NOT DO IT.

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