How to Write More Slice of Life 6/31 #sol16

How to Write More

Today’s Slice was inspired by Austin Kleon’s How to Read More. I wrote the list of my how-to commandments by hand. I love the chalkboard look Kleon frequently uses on his blog and decided to try to figure out how to do something similar. After some failed attempts in Canva, I found this helpful blog post, Making Chalkboard Art on Picmonkey. I downloaded free chalkboard digital paper. Then I opened Picmonkey and followed the instructions. The tech part took A LOT longer than the list part, but now that I know how to do it, I might make more chalkboard list posts. I’m also linking up with DigitLitSunday today.

DigiLit Sunday





15 responses to “How to Write More Slice of Life 6/31 #sol16”

  1. litcoachdanak Avatar

    I really love your list AND your use of technology! I need to print out your list and paste it into my writer’s notebook!!! Thank you!

  2. carriegelson Avatar

    This is fantastic advice. I must admit that every time I push publish I think OMG, ____ more to go. I worry I will run out of ideas. But then I think about noticing small moments and building from there. Sometimes where I end up is not where I intended.

  3. Terje Avatar

    Great list. Your slice is a wonderful example of using inspiration and experimenting as a writer.

  4. margaretsmn Avatar

    I copied your image to post for my kids on their kidblog site for the SOLC. And now I’m going to try to do it myself. Thanks for joining the conversation (and DigiLit meme) today.

  5. elsie Avatar

    Great ideas and I love the format. May have to try it out too.

  6. MaryHill Avatar

    great tips. I love my notebook which I carry often. I write in morning and night too. I love your graphic.

  7. Tara Smith Avatar

    This is a SOLC idea keeper – thanks for creating it and sharing it, Elisabeth.

  8. parkers Avatar

    I loved your list. I also feel you are a kindred spirit, as I also tend to see something visual and try to recreate it, losing hours sometimes in the process. But, hey I learn so much, too.

  9. Shari Daniels Avatar

    Well, I had to head over to Austin’s site and I put the Read A Book picture on my phone as wallpaper. What a brilliant idea. So much wonderful inspiration always come from your words, Elisabeth. 🙂

  10. readingtothecore Avatar

    I love this list, Elisabeth. I already carry a notebook and take photos on my phone, but will print this out and try the other ideas. Thank you for sharing this!

  11. vgpratt Avatar

    Not “slicing” this year. 😦 Too many other stressors and I knew this would push me over the edge. Still, loved reading this great list! Always great to be reminded of little ways to be sure to keep the writing going. I like your chalkboard effect, too! Thanks for sharing the “how to” for that one, Elisabeth! Have a great week!

  12. Alan j Wright Avatar

    All actions on your list will sustain you as a writer. Keep them close for handy reference. Liked the presentation, enjoyed the read. I found it affirming.

  13. KristinMc Avatar

    Thank you for sharing your list and the app! I love Austin Kleon’s work – I always appreciate his weekly blog post round up.

  14. Carol Avatar

    Love this list, especially the last two. I want to try doing this!

  15. […] advice on How to Write More (how I’m writing more this month during the Slice of Life Story […]

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