Links I Loved Last Week: A Round-Up of Online Reading 3/6/16

Sunday Salon

It’s a miracle that I managed to read ANYTHING this week besides Slices. I’m trying to comment generously each day, and with nearly 300 Slicers slicing away each day, there is plenty of opportunity for commenting!

Carol explains why she comments on blogs in a typically thought-provoking and generous post.

Carrie wrote two wonderful pieces on writing: one about her own writing process and one about the young writers in her classroom.

I loved Clare’s post on provisioning, a term I’d never heard of in this particular context.

I learned so many useful productivity strategies and tips in How to Publish 6 Blog Posts Every Week.

Nerdy Book Club published an interesting book list by Brittany Gendron, 10 Books That Help Me Hook Self-Proclaimed Middle School “Non-Readers.”

A resounding YES to everything Will Richardson writes in this provocatively titled post, Stop Innovating in Schools. Please.

The advice in this post, How to Provide Great Feedback, is not specifically targeted to educators but there’s a lot here we could learn from. How often do we give feedback in the form of appreciation?

Deanna Mascle curates some excellent posts and articles on Teaching with Infographics.

Austin Kleon’s tips for How to Read More are worth a look.

Brain Pickings explores this year’s Caldecott winner, Finding Winnie. I appreciate the in-depth coverage Maria Popova gives to picture books on her gorgeous website.






3 responses to “Links I Loved Last Week: A Round-Up of Online Reading 3/6/16”

  1. sadrochelle Avatar

    I went to every one of your Links You Loved and enjoyed and took away some useful advice and ideas to help my blogging experience. Great job this week on your Slices. #yalitclass

  2. […] curation of the best of my online reading last […]

  3. Kellee from Unleashing Readers (@kelleemoye) Avatar

    The self proclaimed non-reader list on Nerdy was interesting because I actually didn’t know some of the books. I pinned the list, so I could fix that in the future.
    I also love reading Carrie’s posts. Thank you for sharing these–I missed them.

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