Mid-March Slice Manifesto Slice of Life 15/31 #sol16

midmarch manifesto

Today’s Slice was inspired by Christy’s March Manifesto from the 2013 Slice of Life Challenge, Ruth’s Mantra: Why I Write, and a post Ruth linked to, Jeff’s Know What You’re About. Once again, House of Hawthornes provided useful instructions on Making Chalkboard Art on Picmonkey.

slice of life

18 responses to “Mid-March Slice Manifesto Slice of Life 15/31 #sol16”

  1. Super manifesto. Doesn’t have to be just for the mid-challenge. Can be for any time when you are busy. “Write from pleasure and joy” is a reminder I need. i tend to become too serious when pressed for time.

    • I had planned to do a manifesto at the very beginning of the challenge, but it actually took me a couple of weeks to figure out just what I do believe and want to argue about this challenge! I think I need that daily reminder to write from pleasure and joy too. Especially with a daily challenge, it’s easy for it to become a slog.

  2. Great writing reminders! I like “don’t force a slice that isn’t ready yet”. I agree, sometimes a slice needs a few more days or longer to ripen.

  3. I really love this, thank you so much. Don’t force a slice that isn’t ready spoke to me.. I have one I’ve started 3 times… it needs some more… er.. something.

  4. Loving how different lines are speaking to different people. I like it all! each of these I have needed to hear at different times on this slice of life journey. Half way through – almost! Thank you for your wise words.

  5. Lots of truth here, I think. The idea of letting a slice “percolate” is interesting. And trying a different form (I’m stuck in a rut right now!) I’m not sure how write from pleasure, not duty, fits with Don Graves’ mantra, “Never a day without a line.” I’m having a hard time writing this year…

    • You really should! It’s actually been a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to April 1 when I don’t have to publish anything but also feeling a little sad. Such a wonderful community! Love that it’s there every Tuesday.

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