Full Day: Slice of Life 21/31 #sol16

slice of life

Slow morning

Strong coffee

Banana oatmeal

Open notebook

Snuggly dog

Blog post

Home school

Animal fight

Dirty dishes

Pesto pasta

Basketball once

Country roads

Soaring hawk

Galloping mustangs

History lesson

Stone carvings

Sundance site

Nuzzling mustangs

Dust storm

Country roads

Ice cream

Swirling cat

Windy walk

Clean dishes

Folded laundry

Blog post

Hot shower

Leftover soup

Fading light

Bed time?


Thanks to Ruth Ayres for the inspiration from her slice poem, Full Day.





16 responses to “Full Day: Slice of Life 21/31 #sol16”

  1. travelinma Avatar

    Great post. Amazing the minimalist approach remains so telling.

  2. djvichos Avatar

    This is fantastic – I love that so much can be said two words at a time! My favorites are “banana oatmeal, leftover soup, and fading light”. Great slice! I’m inspired to try it.

  3. elsie Avatar

    Would love to see nuzzling mustangs. A busy day succinctly summarized.

  4. carriegelson Avatar

    I feel like you laid out a collection and I can pick up the pieces that intrigue me for further imagining – soaring hawk, dust storm, windy walk, fading light . . .

  5. Dana Murphy Avatar

    This is great! I want to try this now!!

  6. Katy Collins Avatar

    This is so fun! I may steal this format for a slice and pass it on to my students as well, if you don’t mind! You day sounded full, but wonderful!

  7. Michelle @litlearningzone Avatar

    It’s always amazing how much you can say with so little words, but boy your day was full! After ‘basketball once’ I thought there would be another ‘basketball twice’ moment … and then I wondered about that question mark at the end — Bedtime? Hope so!

  8. Sonja Schulz Avatar

    awesome post! and you definitely had a FULL day! I love the format you chose–maybe you’ll see it on my blog one day this week, too!

  9. Tara Smith Avatar

    That is a busy and well lived day!

  10. Carol Wilcox (@carwilc) Avatar

    A day full of blessings! I love the rhythm of this!

  11. Linda Baie Avatar

    Lovely to read, tap tap, tap tap. Busy but not frantic. I like that you included the “views” too.

  12. margaretsmn Avatar

    This is a form I could steal. I love the strong images that help me see clearly into your day. You are noticing and noting. Thanks.

  13. Gretchen Schroeder Avatar

    What an interesting way of looking at your day! I love this format.

  14. SOL16 #23: Full Day | Reflections on the Teche Avatar

    […] list poem idea was stolen borrowed from Elisabeth Ellington who credits Ruth Ayres with the original […]

  15. cvarsalona Avatar

    This is a wonderful way to slice about a full day-thanks Elisabeth.

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