Easter Eggs: A Photo-Slice of Life 27/31 #sol16

We checked out magazines from the library. For me, Martha Stewart Living, House Beautiful. For him, Car & Driver, Sports Illustrated.

This is what he chose to read first:


“We have to do this, Mom,” he said.

A Martha Stewart crafts project? I anticipate pages of instructions in tiny print I won’t be able to understand.

But it’s simple.


Some paper cups, some food coloring, and small amounts of dried beans and rice that we already have.

He counted out twelve cups, because that’s what Martha used. We only had 8 colors of dye, but that wasn’t a problem.

“I’ll make my own colors,” he said.

He added lentils, black eyed peas, black beans, rice, chickpeas, barley, popcorn kernels, and wild rice. He squeezed in the 15 drops Martha specified. He stirred.


And then he began dyeing eggs. 36 of them.

Layer upon layer upon layer of color. He even (mostly) had the patience to let them dry in between layerings.


He discovered what happens when you mix all the food colors together. (Hint: it’s not very pretty.) He experimented with swirls and speckles and polka dots. He had strong opinions about the best and worst materials to use and the best and worst color combinations.


When he ran out of eggs to dye, he dyed himself.


I find the blue and green lentils and rice that are now all over the floor rather cheerful. This is the fourth cat who has sat in the carton with the eggs.

Doodle with eggsslice of life

18 responses to “Easter Eggs: A Photo-Slice of Life 27/31 #sol16”

  1. Happy Easter! This visual story is the best post I’ve read on Day 27, and I’ve read 10 so far. i can’t imagine liking any SOL better. I love the way you told the story in words and pictures. Love the cat pic. I giggled to myself. Using the pronoun “He” is genius. Love it all. He is so dang cure, too. I want him to be in my class!

  2. Oh my, what beautiful eggs! They look even better than the ones on the Martha’s cover!! What a cool project and the smile on his face is worth it all! As much as I’d like to say I’d love to try that, he is much braver than I would ever be!

  3. Holy cow! Beautiful eggs! I never even open up magazines with Martha Stewart’s name on the front because I know the projects will be way too complicated for my skill level, but these don’t sound bad. I want more information! And I love the pictures of your son! He looks like he is having a ball!

  4. I feel like I was invited to the egg dying and I had so much fun. I got to know your son, and the fourth cat! You had to kick me out at the end.

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