Six-Word Memoirs About Slicing: Slice of Life 29/31 #sol16

slice of life

Fishing for slices, baiting the hook

To slice is to notice, wonder

Are my eyes and ears open?

Stuck. No thoughts. No words. Nothing.

Check my email. More comments yet?

Just one more cup of coffee

Repeat lines, borrow structures and formats

Should I write about folding laundry?

Someone should write about folding laundry.

No doubt someone has sliced laundry.

No new slices under the sun

Five baskets wait to be folded.

Cats burrow in clean laundry, never dirty.

Dirty dishes, alarm clocks, brushing teeth.

Walking the dog, feeding the cats.

Remember the wonder of ordinary moments.

Do meaningful stories really lurk there?

Maybe for others, not for me.

Maybe tomorrow, but definitely not today.

First, one more cup of coffee.


Thanks to Kathleen Sokolowski for the idea to write a slice in the six-word memoir format.






16 responses to “Six-Word Memoirs About Slicing: Slice of Life 29/31 #sol16”

  1. Stacey Shubitz Avatar

    What a great format for today’s slice!
    If you’re stuck tomorrow, then try writing about what’s in your bag. Beth Moore did it yesterday and it was great.

  2. bjdonaldson Avatar

    This is a great structure. I feel your pain…slicing EVERYDAY is hard. I think these lines,
    “Do meaningful stories really lurk there?
    Maybe for others, not for me,:
    really capture the writerly way…finding those lurking stories in the ordinary. Thanks for the slice.

  3. margaretsmn Avatar

    “Someone should write about folding laundry.” Yep, some days are like that. I enjoyed the format.

  4. mrssurridge Avatar

    A very fun read. I love the repeated theme of laundry…it IS never-ending.

  5. LSquared Avatar

    Cats never sleep in dirty laundry.

  6. Joanne Toft Avatar

    Slicing about folding laundry is kind of like my post today – riding in the car – I to was looking for words today. It seems many of us are feeling that end of the month loss of words! Nice post!

  7. djvichos Avatar

    I love this. It just feels so honest and relatable -checking the email, laundry, dishes – so much is that stuff. Where’s the meaning? Not sure, but I prefer this.

  8. jennieb Avatar

    Great structure. I think this line describes my life every day: “First, one more cup of coffee.”

  9. midwesternheartindixie Avatar

    Wow, this is a neat set up. I’ve done 6 word memoirs before, but never put them all together. 🙂

  10. terierrol Avatar

    I love this format. So much info in so few words.

  11. carriegelson Avatar

    I don’t write about folding laundry but do fold laundry and read picture books! This poem is impressive, I am not very good with structure but this looks like a great challenge!

  12. schmidtkristas Avatar

    This was a fun format! All that laundry…real life!

  13. Sonja Schulz Avatar

    amazing slice. I never fail to feel creatively inspired after reading your posts!

  14. Wilcox Carol Avatar

    Holy cow! You are so very clever!!!!! I love this!

  15. Ramona Avatar

    Just realized I never left a comment. Your post inspired me and I was off and writing! Thank you.

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