Top 10 YA Novels That Make Me Laugh: Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Tuesday is a bookish blogging meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish.

Originally, I titled this post “Top 10 YA Novels That Will Make You Laugh.” But humor is subjective, and my laughs won’t be yours.

absolutely true diary

This one will make you cry, too. That’s just how it is with YA.

beauty queens

A deserted island full of beauty queens who have survived a plane crash? How can it not be funny? If you can, listen to it on audio, read by the amazing Libba Bray herself.

don't care high

This is some old-school Gordon Korman that might be hard to find. Son of the Mob, a more recent title, is also funny—and more widely available.

me and earl

Yes, it’s yet another YA novel about a terminally ill girl. But there are genuine laughs as well as heart here.

murder of bindy mackenzie

Oh, Bindy. How very delightfully tiresome you are. Another gem on audio.

king of attolia

You’re more likely to laugh if you’ve read the whole series—and it’s so very good, why haven’t you? Eugenides, one of my all-time favorite characters, can always find a little irony to appreciate.


Really more middle-grade than YA, but so appealing for young adult readers.

will grayson

I am such a fan of Tiny Cooper. I’ve recommended this book to people who have read it without even a hint of a smile hovering around their lips. How is that possible?

princess diaries

Surprisingly fresh and well-written.

vegan virgin valentine.jpeg

I can so relate to stories about recovering perfectionists.

6 responses to “Top 10 YA Novels That Make Me Laugh: Top Ten Tuesday”

  1. Thanks for your list! I’ve enjoyed lots of these books, too – I especially love Megan Whalen Turner and Sisters. It’s really better if books that make you cry also make you laugh, right?

  2. The only one of these I for sure haven’t read is Will Grayson, and I may have read the Korman aaaaaages about but can’t remember. A+ list. Bindy is great and Meg Cabot owns this category. I would also add the first Georgia Nicholson book, which I remember had me laughing on the subway.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions – I don’t think I have read any of these. I’ve added the two as Audiobook choices. I am trying to branch into that genre with my summer travels. Thanks!

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