Links I Loved Last Week: A Round-Up of Online Reading 4/24/16


Aces Too High shares the secret of solving the problem of school discipline: change the behavior of the adults! Yes, please!

Wondering how to be more creative? Apparently we need more silence!

I don’t think any books should be added to any kind of canon, but this is still a great list of 10 YA Books That Should Be Added to the Required Reading Canon.

Maggie Bokelman shares a list of ten great middle-grade read-alouds–AND it includes some nonfiction!

SometheWiser has an interesting post on the hows–and why–of writing your own list of personal commandments.

One of my favorite book blogs, Sophisticated Dorkiness, has a list of 15 Great Nonfiction Books by Women–and the right time in life to read them.

Rohan Maitzen’s recent piece for Open Letters Monthly examines why academics find it so difficult to make time to read.

I loved Jessica Lifschitz’s piece for Nerdy Book Club on The Power We Have: Reading Books with Transgender Characters. I just ordered the picture book, I Am Jazz, to share with my Children’s Lit students this week.

Mindful has a great piece on 5 Science-Backed Strategies for More Happiness.






2 responses to “Links I Loved Last Week: A Round-Up of Online Reading 4/24/16”

  1. maribethbatcho Avatar

    We definitely need more silence. I know I need more silence, and I get a lot of it already. Playing “Rock” is a good way to get kids to enjoy and appreciate the need for it…
    A great list of reads for the week. Thanks.

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