Links I Loved Last Week: A Round-Up of Online Reading 5/8/16


My college students and I are a little bit obsessed with adult coloring books: they’re our form of stress relief and meditation.

If your reading workshop has gotten a bit off track and your students aren’t reading as much as they need to be, try the strategies in 15 Minutes to Make Time for Reading.

George Couros reminds us of the importance of play and joy–not just in the fun classes like Art and P.E. but in the core subjects as well.

Will Richardson has written another provocative and necessary piece: parents have no idea what kids are learning in school.

I plan to read more sci-fi this summer, and I’ll be looking for recommendations on Book Riot’s list of 100 Must-Read Sci-Fi Fantasy Novels by Female Authors.

Lit Hub has a nice piece from Lily King on how Judy Blume changed her life.

Not surprisingly, I’m a sucker for a great links post, and Franki’s collection of her favorite online reading from April has some gems.

Clear Eyes, Full Shelves celebrates Verse Novels week with two great recommendations posts: Five Recommended Verse Novels and Five Verse Novels You May Have Missed.

Grow your middle-school classroom library with suggestions from Pernille Ripp’s students: The Best Books for Middle School According to My Students.









2 responses to “Links I Loved Last Week: A Round-Up of Online Reading 5/8/16”

  1. […] round-up of my favorite online reading from last […]

  2. Kellee from Unleashing Readers (@kelleemoye) Avatar

    Love Ripp’s and Full Shelves’s lists! Thank you as always for sharing these 🙂

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