Links I Loved Last Week: A Round-Up of Online Reading 5/29/16


Daisy Yellow’s Index Card a Day Creativity Challenge begins on June 1, and themes and prompts for Week 1 are now available. This challenge is a terrific invitation to create something small each day. I’ve done a few warm-ups this week and especially liked Imperfect Circles.

If you’d like to invite kids to do the Index Card a Day Creativity Challenge, you’ll find this advice handy (actually it’s good advice in general for kids and art).

The Artful Parent has some good advice for Encouraging the Reluctant Artist. Also interesting (and controversial for this coloring book fanatic), Why I Don’t Buy Coloring Books for My Kids.

Many of my pre-service teachers are participating in Donalyn Miller’s #bookaday reading challenge this summer.

Wondering how to encourage your reluctant readers? What about therapy dogs? Or maybe bring the readers directly to the shelter to read to the dogs, as this autistic boy does (bonus points for being a heartwarming story about a pit bull!)

Marcie Flinchum Atkins curated a terrific list of picture books that inspire kids to take action and change their world for Nerdy Book Club.

I wish my missing library books would appear to me in a dream.

Will Richardson is by far my favorite thinker and writer on education, and I am so glad he’s blogging again. His post on writing 750 words a day, losing writing confidence, and finding it again will resonate with many of the writing teachers I know.

Carrie Gelson captures the essence of my teaching (and life!) philosophy in this beautiful reflection, Readers Happened Here: “Repeated actions + space + time = definitely something.”

One of my favorite bloggers, Kelly Jensen, offers lessons in the library trenches in So You Want to Be a Librarian.

Jess Lifshitz’s post on the lonely work of teaching is a must-read.

Laura Tims shares an important reason I never would have thought of why parents shouldn’t punish their children by banning them from the Internet.

Tricia Ebarvia captures so much that needs to be said about teacher education programs and professional development: Teachers Are Learners Too.








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