10 Bookish Facts About Me: Slice of Life #sol16

slice of life

Today’s Slice of Life was inspired by The Broke and Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday feature. Usually Top Ten Tuesdays focus on book lists, but this week the focus is on readers. Writing this post, I was reminded how productive a provided title and a little bit of structure can be. I tried to share new, never-before-shared-on-the-blog facts this week, though since I love to boast about my tri-state library card collection, that had to be #1.

  1. I have library cards in three different states—and they’re big ones. (The states, not the cards. Those are normal size.) And in two of those states, I have two library cards, bringing my grand total to 5. I win, right?
  2. I typically have anywhere between ten and twenty-five books started.
  3. I used to have a bookish photographic memory and could picture a title I wanted to read by its position on the bookshelf. Now, I can’t even remember if I’ve already bought a book half the time. (Which makes me very grateful for Amazon’s reminders when I’ve already purchased a book.)
  4. I have kept a list of all the books I’ve read (minus picture books) since I was 15 years old.
  5. Don’t ever loan me a book: I almost never read books that are loaned to me, and I’m even worse about returning them.
  6. I don’t like to meet authors. It’s really awkward.
  7. The only room in my house that doesn’t have a bookshelf is the bathroom. Even the hallways have bookshelves.
  8. If I were to organize my bookshelves, I’d organize them by color. But I much prefer chaotic, disorganized shelves at home. You never know what you’ll find when you’re looking for something specific. (Never the thing I’m looking for—but something else interesting always turns up.)
  9. I have an aversion to bookmarks, especially the ones with ribbons or strings attached. I think large square single-color paint chips make the best bookmarks. For Mother’s Day, my son went to Ace Hardware and picked out a fat stack of new bookmarks for me. Best Mother’s Day present ever!
  10. My very first job was working in a bookstore. The best part was that employees could treat the bookstore like a library as long as we didn’t damage the books. The worst part was that I spent every paycheck I earned entirely on books.toptentuesday2




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20 responses to “10 Bookish Facts About Me: Slice of Life #sol16”

  1. carriegelson Avatar

    I think about getting a part time job in a bookstore – #10 would be why!

  2. Becca Avatar

    How did you get started using paint chips as book marks? Love that your son got you a stack for Mother’s Day.

  3. Tara Smith Avatar

    This is a great list – bookishness rocks!

  4. hollymueller Avatar

    This is great! I even had a bookshelf in my former house in the bathroom – it fit in the corner, and I had stacks of books on each shelf! 😉 Using paint chip bookmarks is a brilliant idea! That might be a cool idea for the classroom – and kids could choose color palates that went with their main character’s personality…

  5. beckymusician Avatar

    I can relate to many of the things on your list! I try to keep the books under control, but sometimes they defeat my efforts and manage to sprawl throughout the house.

  6. Shari Daniels Avatar

    Oh my gosh, Elisabeth, reading this list, I blurted, “Me too!” to over half of them!! And, that bookmarker aversion? That is a real deal. I am constantly seeking new ones and I always make sure to get one whenever I visit a quaint new bookstore in my travels. Thank you for this wonderful list!

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      My son discovered a bookmark I bought for him stuffed in a drawer and has insisted that we start using it for our read-aloud, and it’s everything I hate in a bookmark. It’s got one of those blurry pictures that shifts as you move the picture back and forth AND it’s got a string. My skin crawls every time I touch it. I think I’m going to misplace it as soon as we’re done with our current book.

  7. jarhartz Avatar

    Wow. Just wow. I love that you don’t like bookmarks. Me neither. I also love the color coding of books. Thank you for this I’ve learned so much about you.

  8. Curious Daisy Avatar
    Curious Daisy

    How can you have library cards in so many states i wonder?? http://www.curious-daisy.com/top-ten-tuesday/top-ten-facts-about-yours-truly/

  9. greatexhortations Avatar

    The paint sample bookmark is such a good idea, and it’s so cute that your son brought you a bunch of them for Mother’s Day! As someone who rarely uses bookmarks, but also loves the paint chips at hardware stores, I’ll have to give that a try.

  10. Emma @ Awkwordly Emma Avatar

    Using paint chips as bookmarks sounds like such a fun idea! Oh, and I have two library cards in different states, but only because I go to college in a different state than where my parents live so obviously I have to be able to check books out whether I’m at school or home.

  11. Arwen McGilvra Avatar

    We have bookshelves stuffed and overflowing in every room of the house… including the bathroom. I mean where else are you going to keep the Uncle John’s Bathroom readers?

    My Top Ten Bookish Facts About Me: http://books.thetechchef.net/top-ten-tuesday-7/

  12. annettepimentel Avatar

    “I was reminded how productive…a little bit of structure can be”–kind of like writing a sonnet!

  13. Lauren Stoolfire Avatar

    I have a lot of library cards, too, but not from another state! 🙂

    Check out my TTT.

  14. […] a slice of life in list form: 10 Bookish Facts About Me […]

  15. ALR Avatar

    Elisabeth you are such a fun and engaging writer! I can see why you love teaching hs english! I hate bookmarks too. In fact, I dog ear my pages, which is a no-no for library love. I’ve tried bookmarks. I even make them with my students who always love them. But they just are not for me. I am surprised I’ve never worked in a bookstore!

  16. Beat About The Book Avatar
    Beat About The Book

    What??? You don’t like book marks? I love book marks and have all kinds. Though somedays I can’t find any of them and then I put in old receipts or flyers or whatever I can find to mark my place. And paint chips? That’s kind of cute. This was such a fun post.

  17. contentedpersona Avatar

    Yes! I second your opinion about book marks! Ribbons seem way to tacky!

  18. Miguel Olmedo Morell Avatar

    Looks like you’re succeeding at being a book lover!

  19. bluecupcake94 Avatar

    I really enjoyed this. Its my first time visiting your blog but I feel like I know I know you already! Thank you for sharing these bookish facts~!

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