Top Ten Words That Will Make Me Buy a Book: Top Ten Tuesday


This week’s Top Ten Tuesday Rewind invites bloggers to revisit old topics. I went back to April 2013 to find the Top Ten Words/Topics That Will Make Me Buy a Book.


My dragon obsession is fairly new, and luckily, there are many books to catch up on. Still, I prefer the shiny and new.


I have shelves of books on writing, teaching writing, overcoming writer’s block, writing prompts, writing workshop, etc. And somehow it’s never enough.


The only thing that makes reading better is when you’re reading about reading. I have a soft spot for reading memoirs and reading stunt projects.


Only in a clinical sense. I can’t read personal narratives about trauma, and I absolutely hate novels where lots of traumatic things happen, but I am constantly adding to my shelf of material written for clinicians.


There’s definitely some magical thinking going on here. I buy the books but rarely read them. I think I’m hoping to gain mindfulness by osmosis.

Pit bulls

Have you noticed how pit bulls always seem to be grinning? Seriously. Best dogs ever.


Another aspirational category for me, as I seem to think that I will become more creative simply by purchasing books with creativity in the title.


My very favorite genre to read. I have never spotted a collection of essays that I have been able to leave at the bookstore.

Mr. Putter

My son and I are both ecstatic whenever a new Mr. Putter and Tabby book comes out. He loves stories about kooky old folks, and Cynthia Rylant’s easy reader series features not one but two, and I’m a sucker for old cats who are now appreciated for their fine qualities and rambunctious young dogs who can’t quite behave themselves.

Elephant & Piggie

Sadly, I will no longer have the opportunity to buy books with these words, since Mo Willems has published the last Elephant & Piggie story.


16 responses to “Top Ten Words That Will Make Me Buy a Book: Top Ten Tuesday”

  1. I absolutely am the same when it comes to books about writing and creativity. I’m also super into adding books about reading to my TBR but not actually reading them.

    I would also add “teaching” as a word that makes me stop and look at/add a book to the TBR. Will I ever get to them? Maybe.

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