Links I Loved Last Week: A Round-up of Online Reading 10/2/16


I’ve been working my way through the archives of my favorite podcast, Radiolab. This week, my favorite episode was Speedy Beet, about how Beethoven may have intended his symphonies to be played: fast. Very fast.

SLJ does some research into banned books and discovers one thing they have in common: many of them feature diverse characters.

Erica at What Do We Do All Day? has added to her wonderful collection of curated picture book lists with Children’s Picture Books about Protest and Civil Disobedience.

Franki at A Year of Reading shares strategies for deepening conversation around books through reading and discussion of three titles by Maribeth Boeltz.

George Couros asks Would you read what your students write if you weren’t paid to do so? A must-read for writing teachers.

I felt a strong desire to marathon Angel again after reading Rohan Maitzen’s thoughts on finishing the series.

Hey Sigmund has some smart ideas for reducing your child’s (and your own!) screen habits by identifying four times of the day when the devices really should be put away.




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