Post-Election Redux: A Round-Up of Online Reading


Jacqueline Woodson shares her answer to the question I keep asking myself, How Do I Comfort My Frightened Son After the Election?

Liel Leibovitz urges us to take Trump at face value and assume the worst, as his grandfather did about Hitler in 1930s Vienna: “Refuse to accept what’s going on as the new normal. Not now, not ever.”

Phil Nel provides resources and guidelines for taking action in Surviving Trumpism. Restoring Democracy.

Allie Jane Bruce at Reading While White lays out an agenda for white people to become educated and even kinda radicalized.

Laura Jimenez’s Pins and Badges, Oh My! is such an important read explaining why safety pins are not a helpful response to this election. Instead, white people need to listen, read and learn, have difficult conversations, and amplify marginalized voices.

Barantunde Thurston’s piece Empathy Isn’t a Favor I Owe White People is so thoughtful and wise.

Akilah processes this election as a black woman and does what we all must do–find a way to go on and fight for change.

Tricia Ebarvia finds a way forward through deliberate acts of kindness.








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