Reflections on #NCTE16: A Round-Up of Recent Online Reading


I’m still putting together my own learning reflections from #NCTE16. Here are other learning reflection posts I’ve enjoyed this week.

Inspired by their thinking and learning at #NCTE16, Three Teachers Talk plans to focus their blogging on the four key elements teachers need to make decisions about learning in their classrooms. (I’m also feeling demoralized about that 8-week readaloud of To Kill a Mockingbird!)

As always, The Paper Graders shared incredibly thoughtful reflections throughout NCTE: their entire NCTE series of posts is worth reading. But my very favorite is Dr. Z’s post on Radical Loving Kindness and Deepened Purpose, a title that reflects my own key takeaways from this year’s conference.

Tammy and Clare at Teachers for Teachers spent their flight home sharing notes and talking over their learning. The big idea they want to take back to their work with teachers and students is listen: “Listening to our students is one way we can advocate.”

Jeannine Atkinson summarized the learning at several poetry panels.

The Writing for a Better World poetry panel was one of my favorites of the entire conference, and I appreciated these snippets of Irene Latham’s learning in that session and others.

Julieanne at To Read To Write To Be shared her learning and a marvelous collection of quotations.

Kate Messner led a group of teacher-writers in a collaborative poem exercise, and the final piece turned out to be quite moving.







2 responses to “Reflections on #NCTE16: A Round-Up of Recent Online Reading”

  1. Shari Daniels Avatar

    Oh my heavens ~ I can’t wait to dig into all this reading, Elisabeth. 🙂

  2. margaretsmn Avatar

    I am so sorry we didn’t get to see each other. I think we were often in the same room. Thanks for sharing all of these great posts. What a wonderful conference!

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