Links I Loved Last Week: A Round-Up of Online Reading 1/8/17


I stopped grading years ago, and my students work harder and more meaningfully than ever. The Paper Graders has a terrific post to help you #StopGrading.

Jonathan Hunt considers the Newbery merits of Jason Reynolds’s two 2016 titles, Ghost and As Brave As You. Comments are also very interesting.

Laura Jiminez challenges us to read more books by authors from marginalized communities AND amplify those authors by reviewing their books. She has curated an excellent list of recommended reads and provides a smart “book review starter kit” for those who aren’t sure how to review a book.

Ian Sanders shares several stories and six tips to help us develop the art of curiosity.

A daily word count is the best tip I know for writing prolifically.

Lion’s Roar shares six steps for establishing a daily practice of any kind.

Two of Sara Holbrook’s poems were included on the Texas State Assessment Test in 2013 and guess what? The poet herself can’t answer the absurd questions Pearson wrote about her poems.

Still feeling down about 2016? Chris Hadfield found 8 good things that happened last year. I definitely feel better knowing tiger numbers are on the rise.







4 responses to “Links I Loved Last Week: A Round-Up of Online Reading 1/8/17”

  1. Akilah Avatar

    You know, I have always wanted to de-grade my classroom, but the first method I tried (portfolios) didn’t work, and I haven’t had time to really sit down and figure out what WOULD work for me. I think that’ll be something I really develop this summer since I’m actually taking the entire summer off this year.

    1. Akilah Avatar

      Also! That link helped me figure out some stuff I need to do for class tomorrow so thanks so much for sharing it.

    2. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      I use contract grading. I love it and don’t know why it’s not more widely used. Simplifies, streamlines, students always know where they stand, quality of work remains high. The Paper Graders have a bunch of posts on de-grading–lots of good stuff to explore there!

  2. […] Learn more about establishing daily habits, surprising good things that happened in 2016, and why you should stop grading in my weekly Round-Up of Online Reading […]

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