Teacher Desk: Slice of Life 11/31 #sol17

slice of life

What My Desk Held:

Coffee mugs repurposed to hold pens and pencils.
Peppermints. Gum. Granola bars. Dry cereal.
My writer’s notebook.
Paper. Stacks and stacks of paper. Papers to fill out. Papers to pass out. Papers to grade. Copy paper. Lined paper. Colored paper. Construction paper.
A red stapler. Usually empty.
Kleenex. Hand sanitizer. Lotion.
Fake plants. Because I couldn’t keep real ones alive.
Tissue paper flowers twisted onto pipe cleaners, a gift from a student.
A tip jar. Also a gift from a student. Sometimes it even contained tips.
A set of plastic evil eyes, another gift from a student.
Books. Stacks and stacks of books. Classroom read-aloud books. Books I was reading myself. Book stacks for matchmaking. New books. Books that had been returned to the classroom library. Library books. Books students had loaned me.
A computer.
Lesson plans. On post-its, in my writer’s notebook, printed from the Internet, copied from teaching books.
Notes about improving lesson plans. On post-its, in my writer’s notebook, scrawled on the back of print-outs from the Internet. What didn’t work. How to tweak it next time.
Empty binders for the lesson plans I never managed to organize.
A student. Always a student sitting in my chair.

What My Desk Never Held:


This post was inspired by Breathing In at Reflections on the Teche.

14 responses to “Teacher Desk: Slice of Life 11/31 #sol17”

  1. This is AMAZING. It made me smile. What stories do the spaces we occupy tell? What an interesting question to ponder, and clearly, your desk tells the story of a teacher life well-lived. Wonderful.

  2. I’m seeing things about your desk that I forgot to say. Those endless stacks of books. I also forgot the quilt on my chair that a class made for me a long time ago. I’m honored my post inspired this post. So much about your desk tells us who you are. Like me, always the desire to be organized but missing the mark.

  3. A tip jar? Hmm. . . I don’t have a desk – when I did I never sat at it and it just contained mountains of paper. All of that paper . . . I do have some places in the room. The top of some shelves where a day plan, an orange bell (that one kid is always taking apart) and countless pens, highlighters and a stapler (with staples in it) sit. I also have part of a cupboard with coffee, mints, toothpaste and more pens, highlighters and book receipts get stuffed.

  4. Sounds a lot like my desk including the students at it, except we are out of tissues until I remember to take some from home (hopefully) tomorrow, the (real) plant is somehow still alive and on top of a bookshelf, and the folders of student work (all graded-first time ever) are so mountainous right now that I had to hide them under the desk! Also my lesson plans can never be found, only the handouts needed for the week.

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