Currently: Slice of Life 16/31 #sol17

slice of life

watching        Community, The Voice, Smallville, Gilmour Girls, March Madness

listening         to podcasts! All the Books, This American Life, Reply All, Freakonomics

appreciating   my mom, who did my grocery shopping today so that I don’t have to

loving              cat #7, Zorro, my son’s rescue, who’s now a teenaged kitty & full of joy

eating              too much dark chocolate

drinking          only my second glass of water today. No wonder I’m tired!

wishing           for a few shots of espresso

planning         an hour of writing time to start my day tomorrow

reading           too many books and feeling uncommitted to all of them

wishing           I had another idea for today’s Slice so that I could save Currently for later

22 responses to “Currently: Slice of Life 16/31 #sol17”

  1. It’s a words don’t come easy day for me too. I wrote about writer’s mud (which might sound interesting but I totally just made it up to sound cool or like I know what I am doing) I need some reading time too

    • Isn’t a great format for a day when you’re going to post but just don’t have the energy for much of a slice? I always save it for one of those days in March! I’ll look forward to your Currently later in the month.

  2. I am saving currently for next weekend, my daughter’s wedding. It’s a nice way to just show a bit of who you are, a slice of you!

  3. I’ve never done “Currently” before – but I have a feeling I will be using it soon! I understand how you feel about the books – I’m in a similar situation.

  4. I really like this format and read another person’s. She linked her piece to yours so I just had to check out your “currently.” I’m going to have to add this to my notebook as a mentor piece! So fun

    • I really love Currently too! As a writer, it always feels a little like cheating to me, but as a reader, I’m endlessly fascinated by them and always click on those slices when I see them!

    • I always hold off with “Currently” as long as I can because I know it’s the quickest and easiest Slice I’ll write all month! I was just too tired to think of anything else yesterday.

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