Ten Things Thursday: Slice of Life 23/31 #sol17

slice of life

This post was inspired by wahooliteracyteacher’s Ten Things Thursday.

  1. I only slept for four and a half hours last night (up late and early finishing a set of student papers), and I am feeling it. Those four shots of espresso and the extra-large iced tea aren’t doing much to counteract three nights in a row of under six hours of sleep.
  2. Although I do have to go to the office tomorrow, Thursday is basically my Friday, so tomorrow morning, I sleep in.
  3. My son’s eighth-grade class went on college campus visits today, and he chose to visit my campus. He didn’t even protest when he found out I invited the eighth-graders to visit my Comp class and chat with my students about their college experiences. And even though he had given me strict orders not to acknowledge him in any way, he said a very loud “Hey Mom!” when he walked in my classroom. I even got a “Bye Mom!” when he left.
  4. My college students confirmed that I was not embarrassing in any way. Totally unobjectionable momming.
  5. Since I did not embarrass him when he was in my classroom, I thought it would be okay to blow kisses and wave frantically when I drove past him on his campus tour later in the day. He grinned and waved back, but I’m pretty sure I will get an earful about this tonight. I’ll just tell him there’s a simple solution to this problem: if you don’t want me blowing kisses, don’t be so darned lovable!
  6. I am almost giddy with excitement over the freewrites my students produced in class today. Students who have never read before volunteered to share, and the writing was gorgeous. Thanks to Katherine Sokolowski for introducing me to Patricia MacLachlan’s What You Know First, which year after year is one of the best sparks for strong writing with my students.
  7. My favorite cat moment was a morning standoff between Frances and Zorro. They sat on either side of a bowl of food and glared at each other, ears back. Zorro lifted one paw. Frances’s ears flattened even further. I’m not even sure what to call Zorro’s next move. The most hesitant, tentative swipe ever. I’m not sure his foot even made contact with her fur. But she reared back and hissed and growled as if he had attacked. Then she ran off. He gave a kitty equivalent of a shrug and settled down to eat.
  8. I just started reading Brian Kissel’s book about writing workshop, When Writers Drive the Workshop. It’s excellent—and absolutely applicable to any K-16 writing workshop.
  9. I had my playlists to myself on the drive home and still chose to listen to Bruno Mars and One Direction. I don’t know what this says about me.
  10. When I got home, our feral cat, Barbara, was poking around the backyard. She’s a black-and-white-but-mostly-black Tuxedo with green eyes who’s been hanging around our garage for over a year. She had a sweet black-and-white-but-mostly-white kitten with her last spring. I named him Albert. He disappeared, but Barbara came back. She has wintered in our garage, and we feed and water her. She no longer spooks at the sight or sound of us, but she keeps a cautious distance. She hangs out with two male cats, both of whom are friendly and trot right over to be pet. She stays back and blinks uncomprehendingly as they rub against our legs and purr.





17 responses to “Ten Things Thursday: Slice of Life 23/31 #sol17”

  1. carriegelson Avatar

    LOVE that your son arrived in your classroom with a big greeting. Keep us posted on the reaction to the waving and kiss blowing!

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      He was totally fine with the kiss blowing and waving! Apparently all kinds of mom affection is more ok when his friends are the witnesses than when total strangers witness. He wanted the college kids to think he was cool, but his friends already know that I’m the mom who blows kisses, so that was totally acceptable. Hooray!

  2. karpenglish Avatar

    It sounds like a really great Thursday! I’m glad that your son got to visit your classroom and chat with your college students. That is a tremendous experience for a group of 8th graders. I will have to try this 10 Things Thursday technique before we run out of days!

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      He was really excited and left feeling like he would really imagine himself in college. He was meh before, but I think he’s going to be more committed to the idea now. I’m guessing some of his friends had similar experiences. I’m sure much of the appeal was superficial: college girls! endless soda refills! all you can eat ice cream! But still, once you have a vision of yourself someplace, it’s hard to let that go.

  3. Amanda Burns Regan Avatar

    I’m not sure how you made it through the day with so little sleep! I turn into a real grump when I haven’t had enough. I enjoyed reading your 10 things, especially the vignette about your son. Clearly, he is proud of his mom!

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      I don’t know how I did it either! I usually get very sweet when I’m super tired, which is probably lucky for all those around me. If I’m mildly fatigued, I’m cranky; but when I move over into stupefied with fatigue, I get really nice.

  4. cflathers Avatar

    Love the idea of Ten Things, I am going to be trying this one.

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      It was a fun post to write. I always love reading other people’s 10 Things. Something about that format is really appealing.

  5. Emily Culbertson Avatar

    I love the idea of 10 Things Thursday. Can you guide me on the etiquette of stealing one blogger’s idea to inspire your own post? Is it ok as long as you link their awesomeness in your post? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      Absolutely! Steal away! Many of my posts this month have been inspired by another writer’s post. I try to link to the original post that inspired mine and credit the author/blog. I think we all love getting and giving inspiration to other writers!

  6. angelafaulhaber Avatar

    I haven’t seen this before and I love it! I’m gonna steal the form. I love your list too. What a sweet moment to share with your son! And thanks for sharing so many good resources within this list. I’m excited to read Brian’s book.

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      It was a fun format–especially for a day when I didn’t have much brain power left! I knew a carefully crafted slice was *not* going to be happening! Brian’s book is terrific–really glad I discovered it via his blog this month.

  7. Akilah Avatar

    Sounds like you should have told your son not to embarrass you 😂. Pretty sure I would have behaved the same as him when I was that age.

    9. Their music gets in our head. That is the only explanation.

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      LOL, Akilah! Yep, I would have been the same way at that age too. The principal had to hang back for a minute tell me how amazing it was that I got not one but TWO acknowledgements from him. So it’s definitely a 14 yr old kind of thing. Thank you for explaining #9. I have all this wonderful music that I never get to listen to in my car because I let my son be in charge of the playlist and when I have freedom I’m still listening to Bruno Mars?! WHAT?!

      1. Akilah Avatar

        I was super into Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus for a while. It happens.

  8. The Logonauts (@thelogonauts) Avatar

    Interesting post format, I like it! Also love that your soon chose to acknowledge you and that your students had your back as far as your lack of being embararssing.

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      I was tempted to write another 10 Things today–because it was fun and kind of easy. But I refrained. I think students enjoy seeing their teachers as people–and seeing your teacher as someone else’s embarrassing mom really humanizes her!

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