Saturday Afternoon: Slice of Life 25/31 #sol17

slice of life

On Saturdays, I drop my husband and son off at the Y to shoot hoops. I know I will be free for at least an hour.  If there are pick-up games to join, it might be two or even three hours.

On Saturdays, I go to my favorite coffee shop. Sometimes it’s packed and I can’t find a seat. Other days, like today, I’m the only person in the place. The Australian owner will answer my “thanks” with a cheery “no worries,” which seems like a life philosophy worth emulating.

On Saturdays, I open my notebook and write a few lines. I have a few ideas circling my head. Aging. Empathy. Blog comments. I still have a few list pieces I want to write this month. I jot down words that may develop into a post later in the week.

On Saturdays, I wait patiently for my coffee. My favorite coffee shop is not the place to go if you’re in a hurry. These people take their craft very seriously. Sometimes it takes eight or nine minutes to get a latte even when they’re not busy and they’re working the whole time on just my coffee. I set my pen down when my latte arrives. I want to focus my attention on that first sip.

On Saturdays, I always think about running errands that are easier and more efficient to run by myself. This is the time to pick up dog food, drop off that package that needs to be mailed, go grocery shopping.

But on Saturdays, leisure wins out.

On Saturdays, I go to the places that make me happy. The coffee shop. The library. The bookstore. The art gallery. The toy store. I take photos everywhere I go.

Blue sky and white clouds peeking between two brick buildings. An electrical box painted with bright flowers. A mural of a fireman. A bicycle basket filled with flowers. A satirical Trump*Putin political bumper sticker (“Make Tyranny Great Again”) that I can’t quite believe I’m seeing on a car in my very red state. A keychain advertising the local ice cream shop (“70% Unicorn 30% Ice Cream”). Books I want to remember to buy. A unicorn stick horse with an intriguing tag attached: “Press Ear for Prancing Sounds: Battery Not Included.”

On Saturdays, my head clears. I breathe deeply. For one hour or two or three, I wander without a plan. I look around, notice, listen, wonder.

On Saturdays, when I pick up my son and husband, they are full of basketball stories from the Y. The short kid who could dunk. The middle-aged guy who outhustled everyone on the court except my son. The crazy Eurostep my son almost converted into points. The half-court three he swished. “What did you do?” they ask. “Oh, not much,” I answer.

On Saturdays, I protect my wanderings and wonderings like treasure.





14 responses to “Saturday Afternoon: Slice of Life 25/31 #sol17”

  1. carriegelson Avatar

    So I feel especially grateful that you shared them here.

  2. midwesternheartindixie Avatar

    This is delightful! 🙂 I wish I was better about wandering without plans, but alas, I’m still kind of bad at it. Even on Sundays. Hope you enjoyed your day!

  3. jehansen13 Avatar

    Love the repetition here!

  4. cflathers Avatar

    Love how you have found time just for you and written about it.

  5. lmwp2016megginv Avatar

    A lovely piece! That time alone is precious and your rhythm is engaging.

  6. Eliza Earhart Avatar
    Eliza Earhart

    I long for the days (I know they’ll come again) that I have this kind of time to myself. This kind of time is the thing I ache for most. The early years of parenthood.

  7. Sonja Schulz Avatar
    Sonja Schulz

    love this slice about guarding your precious time!

  8. djvichos Avatar

    As a reader, it’s nice to feel privy to your special Saturday time and thoughts. I like how this post comes full circle, and that we are left holding your secret with you.

  9. carwilc Avatar

    The pace of this pace even feels like a Saturday afternoon! Perfect!

  10. The Logonauts (@thelogonauts) Avatar

    What an amazing gift to yourself!

  11. Akilah Avatar

    Yessssssss. I have found that sometimes my brain just *won’t* work on Saturday even if I want it to. I have programmed myself too well. I love that you have too.

  12. Katherine Sokolowski (@katsok) Avatar

    I love this. When we had Luke, and then Liam, my husband would kick me out of the house on Saturdays. He said he was certain I needed some time to be me, and he was right. I would often go to my favorite coffee shop – similar to yours, the pace is slow – and just sit. It was quiet. No one was crying. I still go there often and my body relaxes the moment I walk in the door. Your post felt like that, I could feel myself relax while I read it.

  13. Fran Haley Avatar

    This makes me think of the book The Artist’s Way – taking care of, or treating your inner artist. Vitally important that we do so regularly, in order to keep being creative!

  14. nerdybookgirl Avatar

    This sounds like a wonderful Saturday. At our home we have mom time. I’ll go out for a few hours on the weekend to read or drink a cup of coffee. It is a needed break.

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