April Writing Challenges #sol17


Last year at the end of March slicing, I was so in the zone with daily writing, and I wanted to keep going. I needed a new challenge. For those who find themselves in the same good predicament of wanting to keep writing and needing a new challenge, here are some ideas.

Another popular daily blogging challenge is the A to Z Challenge. Participants select a theme and then write a post related to that theme and the day’s letter for every day in April (minus Sundays).

The Sits Girls post 30 daily blogging topics for April.

April is National Poetry Month, and many poets and poetry websites feature daily poetry writing invitations. NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) posts daily in April with a link to a poetry-writing participant, an interview with a featured poet, and a writing prompt.

Irene Latham will write a poem each day inspired by art. This year’s theme is portraits. Latham also collects other daily poem news and links to relevant blog posts and websites for extra inspiration.

Amy Ludwig Vanderwater’s challenge this year is to write a daily poem inspired by one of the crayons in her box of 64. She shares process notes, provides an audio reading of the daily poem, and links to poetry goodness around the web.

Laurie Purdie Salas is writing a poem to share a small daily wonder and invites other writers to join her using the #wonderbreak hashtag.

April is also National Letter Writing Month. If poetry isn’t your thing, what about Write On, a handwritten letter writing campaign challenge to write 30 letters in 30 days?

Even more open-ended is the Any Good Thing Writing Challenge. Participants commit to 400 words written 5 days per week–fiction, nonfiction, blog posts, what have you. There’s an interesting twist with this one: you cough up $20 to participate and if you meet the goal, you get your $20 back!







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    Thank you for sharing this! I didn’t know about many of these challenges, so I will have to check out these different opportunities!

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