Stars Hollow: Slice of Life #sol17

slice of life

We have taken up residency in Stars Hollow. I leave my house expecting to walk across the town square, maybe take my coffee to sit in the gazebo. I will no doubt run into Kirk, who will have some harebrained new scheme and miss all my social cues. Luke’s Diner, Taylor’s Soda Shoppe, Mrs. Kim’s Antiques, Gypsy’s repair shop…. These are the places I expect to drive by when I’m out and about.

And I’m not the only one.

My son keeps me up past our bedtime with long discussions of who’s a better boyfriend for Rory: Jess or Dean.

I’m Team Dean all the way.

“Dean is boring!” my son protests.

“Yes, but Jess is emotionally stunted,” I point out. “Not his fault, of course, but he really needs some therapy.”

“But Dean is married now!” my son reminds me.

“Well, he’s not good boyfriend material either, is he?”

Even my level-headed husband isn’t immune.

“I think I’m losing touch with reality,” he tells me. “I was just thinking about dropping by Luke’s Diner on the way home from playing basketball.”

“Meet you there,” I want to say. “I like the table behind the door.”

We’ve been marathoning Gilmore Girls, and while it’s hardly the first show we’ve marathoned, it’s coloring our reality in a way that few shows ever have.

It’s comfort TV at its best—witty dialogue and lots of it, lovably quirky characters, an idyllic setting in a small town that seems to be perpetually celebrating a town festival. There’s plenty of intrigue, yet little happens on the show in terms of plot. There is no great drama, just the small tensions and conflicts of family and friendship. It’s like real life, except everyone looks great and always has the right snappy comeback.

We watch a lot of TV together, and the only way I can feel good about so much of it is if it offers invitations to reflect on and develop values and beliefs, to process feelings, and to grow in emotional intelligence. That’s a tall order for an experience that must primarily feel like entertainment for my son.

But Gilmore Girls gives us so many opportunities to talk about emotions and communication. For people who love to talk to each other, all of the characters, even the well-adjusted Rory, struggle to articulate their feelings and tend to run from emotional intimacy and vulnerability. Lorelai and her parents can barely have a conversation without yelling at each other, and misunderstandings are rife because no one can quite manage to be honest with themselves, much less with anyone else.

Of course the real draw is the bond between Lorelai and Rory. Lorelai may struggle with her own parents, but with her daughter, she gets it very much right. They are mother and daughter and so much more: best friends, co-conspirators, always each other’s biggest fans. It’s the warm, nurturing, equal relationship every teen girl wishes she could have with her mother.

And maybe every teen boy too.

“You know why I love this show?” my son asks. “Because we’re Lorelai and Rory.”

I’ll take it.





17 responses to “Stars Hollow: Slice of Life #sol17”

  1. klkranesya Avatar

    I love this! I love Gilmore Girls and my daughter and I just finished binge watching Buffy. Gilmore Girls is next! Love that you share it with your son! It’s definitely the mother/daughter relationship that makes that show great!

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      Buffy! My favorite show of all time!! (Tried binge watching that one with my son and he got bored. BORED! By Buffy! How is that even POSSIBLE?!)

      1. klkranesya Avatar

        That’s crazy! I hooked my daughter though on the penultimate episode of season 2. Then we went back to the beginning. If she saw it from Season 1, epi 1, I’m not sure she would have gotten into it. But she saw the “Angel is bad” episodes and realized Buffy is the best.

  2. Katie Kraushaar Avatar

    I love the little interaction between you and your husband about Luke’s Diner! Beautifully written piece, and so reflective while still being lighthearted.

  3. mkrueger Avatar

    I love this post!! Gilmore Girls is my favorite show. I wrote a slice about it last week actually! I smiled while reading this, remembering all those storylines. How sweet of your son! I hope you guys enjoy the rest of it 🙂

  4. carwilc Avatar

    Ohhhh! The ending totally surprised me! So sweet!

  5. Elana Waugh Avatar

    What a special relationship you and your son have. I love that he loves to watch Gilmore Girls. I can’t wait to watch it with my kids when they are older.

  6. Akilah Avatar

    I have very strong feelings about Gilmore Girls and not all of them positive, so I’ll refrain from sharing them here. I will respond to this, though: “For people who love to talk to each other, all of the characters, even the well-adjusted Rory, struggle to articulate their feelings and tend to run from emotional intimacy and vulnerability.”

    I have found that some of my favorite moments and some of the most powerful moments on that show are the quietest.

    I’m glad you and your family are enjoying it so much. And I use(d) TV the same way with my daughter. 🙂

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      There are several things that really, really bother me about the show that I didn’t write about here. I love the quiet moments on the show best and think that’s something the writers and actors do exceptionally well–and should have done more of.

  7. kathyschuitema Avatar

    I loved your descriptions–both of the world of Gilmore and the underlying emotions that go with it. I did not watch the show often enough to follow it when it was on the air, so I also binge-watched (over a long time) on Netlfix. Stars Hollow felt like home! I was a little lost when I finished…how can I get those sweet feelings back? Thanks for sharing your insights–I enjoyed them!

  8. jarhartz Avatar

    This makes me think of how TV can help ELLs learn the language. Shared stories inspire talk and connections of beliefs. While it is an imagined space, it can let’s us realize our reality. Love a happy ending!

  9. Regan Garey Avatar

    Ah! Gilmore Girls is the absolute BEST, isn’t it? I could have cried when the new ones came out this fall. We’ll have to engage in an in-depth discussion about it sometime soon. 🙂 Love this post!

    P.S. Wait until you meet Logan.

  10. Loralee Avatar

    It’s a favorite show of mine as well.
    I so enjoyed reading this slice.
    Love the peek at your conversations.
    The last two lines are priceless.

  11. Chris Pesta Avatar

    What a great way to bond! This is something both of you will never forget. I am Team Jessie, but part of me will always love Logan.

  12. margaretsmn Avatar

    My daughters and I watched this when they were teens. We watched the reunion episodes together. Then it was on recently when I got my nails done. Like going home. Like cuddling my girls. Jessie all the way!

  13. […] slice about marathoning Gilmore Girls with my […]

  14. ckulpsite Avatar

    I love Gilmore Girls so so much! When I was a kid and it was just on TV my sister and I would always watch it. It was the one time as kids where we actually did get along, because there truly weren’t very many instances where we weren’t bickering at each other and that’s what our mother gets for having two girls just 15 months apart. Although we didn’t get along though, I think both of us wished that we could have a relationship with our mom like Loralei and Rory have. By the way, I’m team Logan all the way, and not because he comes from money but aside from that he chooses to love her over the pressures of his family. If I have to choose between Dean and Jess though, I’m team Dean, you have to love the sweetheart boyfriend that would walk off the ends of the earth for this girl.

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