#MustReadin2018: A Crowd-Sourced List



One of the joys of my reading life is making elaborate reading plans and long lists. I have never seen a reading challenge I don’t want to join or scanned a book list I don’t want to complete. But it is also a truth of my reading life that I hate assigned reading and rebel against any kind of plan, including the assignments and plans I set for myself. So I make the plans and curate the lists–and then promptly go read something else. Still. I love making the lists.

Last year, I added a twist to one of my favorite reading challenges, Carrie Gelson’s #MustReadin2018: crowd-sourcing. I tried to be the last one making my list so that I could borrow a title from each participant’s list to create my own. I didn’t finish all the books on the list, but it was still a very successful reading experiment.  In fact, two of my top 10 books of the year came from my crowd-sourced #MustRead list.

Here are the 22 titles I have selected for my own #MustReadin2018 list.

7 responses to “#MustReadin2018: A Crowd-Sourced List”

  1. Fantastic selection! I am really excited about that new Hilo title. This series is a huge hit in my classroom! I am almost finished Disrupting Thinking – it really speaks to me – such an important book.

  2. Wow! You have some stunning books on your list this year. Sing Unburied Sing just gobsmacked me. I carried those characters around with me for a week or so after finishing the book. Just reading the title brings them back to me. A few are on mine too. Good luck this year!

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