Since Last March: Slice of Life #sol18 1/31

Since last March, I’ve been to Oregon.

Oregon where my son saw the ocean for the second time

Oregon where we walked on the beach and collected driftwood and rocks and fragments of shell

Oregon where we watched whales from our living room window

Oregon where we ate cherries and blueberries grown just a few miles up the coast.

walking on beach

Since last March, my son turned fifteen.

Fifteen and got his driver’s permit

Fifteen and now I have a chauffeur every time I go to the store

Fifteen but decided he wanted to be fourteen again

Fourteen we’re calling him now. He’ll try fifteen again next year.


Since last March, I’ve said goodbye

Goodbye to Puck, gentle giant, Mr. Oblivious, born therapy cat, photogenic recipient of many nicknames

Goodbye to two writer’s notebooks

Goodbye to morning routines that didn’t serve me

Goodbye to old resentments and misunderstandings, to doubts and hurt feelings.

puck in box

Since last March I’ve said hello.

Hello to four new kittens, a little feral family tamed over several summer months, now my constant companions

Hello to daily writing, daily reading, daily yoga

Hello to this new writer’s notebook, filled with pages of possibilities

Hello to 45, a good number, not young but not old either.


feralsyoga cats

I borrowed the Since Last March format from Fran McVeigh.


23 responses to “Since Last March: Slice of Life #sol18 1/31”

  1. Oooh LOVE!! You may have borrowed the structure but you’ve made it speak so much about your life as it is right now and the journey this year has brought you on. (I’m TOTALLY stealing this, too!)

  2. I’m a first time slicer so I’m stealing this format too. I liked how you transitioned from the loss of your cat in the good-bye section to the more positive letting go of resentments.

  3. This is a great format! I always like finding out what everybody’s been up to in the last year. I glad you are here this year. Here’s to 30 more!

  4. I love this format! My favorite line is “goodbye to old resentments and misunderstandings, and doubts and fears.” That line is so freeing even us as readers.

  5. Here we go! Happy March! So happy you are here. I’ve missed you. I love this format and how much it says about you, your family, and your warm heart.

  6. I love this reflection. Thanks for sharing it. I have been thinking about last March a lot today, as we all started writing. I may adopt such a format as well. Oregon…it’s on my to-go list.

  7. I love the line ‘good bye to morning routines that didn’t serve me’,
    and the alliteration of ‘little feral family.’
    Thanks to you (and Fran McV.) for this nice format- I plan to try it. A nice way to reflect.

  8. Oh, I love this structure idea, Elisabeth. One, among the many, things I love about the March slice challenge is discovering so many ways to write. Inspiration galore!

  9. I love this format! Sounds like you have had a rich and full year! Sorry to hear about Puck, but your new babies certainly are cute! Happy slicing!

  10. Sounds like it’s been a year full of …… life. Reading and enjoying your writing in, you guessed it, Oregon.

  11. A great format … beautiful memories to hold on to. Love the repetition and the photos. Happy you are back for another month of writing!

  12. I’m so glad you’re doing this. And enjoy the freedom that comes from having a teenager who can drive!

  13. What a lovely post. So quiet and soulful, it compels me to contemplate my own Since Last March.

    I’m a fan of the structure. I have all kinds of questions about your process. I’ll be checking out Fran’s posts next to see how she has used it, and to think about how I might use it to explore my “Since Last March.”

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