12 Things I Love: Slice of Life #sol18 12/31

A slice idea borrowed from Margaret Simon’s lovely list of Things I Love.

I love…the opening of a tulip to reveal a differently colored center

I love…falling asleep under a pile of cat

I love…a writer’s notebook, broken in, filling with writing, but nowhere near full

I love…a new podcast miraculously downloaded on my phone just in time for my commute

I love…my son’s voices for our cats, especially Smudge’s British accent (“I cahn’t believe it!”) and Chipotle’s pirate growl (“Motherrrrr! Brotherrrrrr!”)

I love…when the table by the electrical outlet is empty and waiting for me at my favorite coffee shop

I love…a heavy box from Amazon waiting by the back door

I love…a rainy day

I love…a semi-colon used well

I love…the quiet in the classroom as everyone begins to read or write together

I love…the wild animals I see on my drive to work

I love…going to my bookshelf and finding exactly the title I wanted exactly where I thought it would be


33 responses to “12 Things I Love: Slice of Life #sol18 12/31”

  1. There’s so much to love here. Quite literally. It’s a welcoming format that offers a wonderful window onto who you are. There’s a lot I can connect with and can imagine laughing or nodding over. Funny you mention the semi colon. Just today I was thinking that if I were to ever get a tattoo, it might have to be a semi-colon. Go figure. Thanks for sharing this idea and imbuing it with so much soul.

    • As soon as I read Margaret’s piece, I knew I wanted to write one of these lists. It really is a welcoming format. And on a cranky day, it was good to focus on some things that make me happy. I love the idea of a semi-colon tattoo!

  2. This is a totally delightful post! When I read the one about your son’s voices for the cats, I found myself trying out Smudge’s British accent and Chipotle’s pirate growl. I’ve missed seeing cat pics or is it that I’ve just missed stopping by your blog lately? I think falling asleep under a pile of cat is my favorite!

    • I’ve been working on a piece about one of my cats that I finally finished and posted–complete with photos! I haven’t been including cat photos lately but really should get back to that, because who doesn’t like a cat photo? And if you don’t like a cat photo, I disinvite you from my blog! 🙂 My son always makes me laugh with his cat voices, especially for Chipotle. He hates Chipotle but does a very funny schtick where Chipotle has a rap album and raps about being from the hood.

  3. I love…your post. Especially the line about the writer’s notebook. But since I am at the end of a notebook and will be starting a new one soon, I’d have to include the possibilities that exist when beginning a new one

  4. And I love your structure and that you took inspiration from another writer. So fun to read slices that reveal bits and pieces of another slicer’s life. Many things on your list made me smile. Thanks for writing something that gave this reader such a happy feeling inside.

    • I was having a cranky day and determined to think some nice thoughts. These were probably the only nice thoughts I had all day, but at least I could return to them later in the day and remember that yes, there are things I love in the world!

  5. This is a beautiful, simple post, that leaves so much room for the reader to make inferences about who you are in the blank spaces left. I will definitely have to steal this idea! I got stuck today and ended up Googling poetry prompts… should have read this first! Saving it for later.

  6. 12 things I love: 1. Bird songs in the morning. 2. Walking the Santa Rosa Plateau. 3. Watching a hawk soar and hearing its cry. 4. Forests in the rain. 5. Mary Oliver’s poetry. 6. Photography. 7. Trees. Any kind. But especially fond of oak, willows, and birch. 8. Chocolate. (But not white chocolate. That is an abomination).9. Art. There are many paintings in my house. I especially love Stephanie Law’s work and her imagination. 10. Books. Fantasy in particular. But I’m all over the place in my reading. 11. My cats: Annie and Popper. 12. Reflections in water.

    • Yes, trees! We have relatively few in South Dakota, and when I travel, it’s one of the main things I photograph. I wish I knew more about bird identification, because I see numerous different kinds of hawks and eagles on my commute each day but have no idea what I’m looking at. Thank you for sharing your own list. I loved reading these words. (And I agree with you about chocolate!)

  7. That podcast line is so real. For me, it’s an audiobook, so I totally get the sentiment.

    I can tell you teach writing because I also love a semicolon used well–not something I see a lot of out here in first-year composition.

  8. So much to love about your list: falling asleep under a pile of cat and the opening of a tulip…Ah yes. Thanks for the shout out.

  9. It’s another lovely post! I don’t think that we celebrate the things that we love enough. I love a semicolon used well too!

  10. I love this! Such a simple structure that reveals so much. I am certain that everyone who reads this will feel they know you better and find something in common. I may have to try a list of my own. 🙂

  11. I love this format! I had to chuckle when I read the use of semicolons because I am teaching that punctuation lesson this week!

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