I’m Joining Leigh Anne’s Party Too: Slice of Life #sol18 19/31

I’m an introvert and usually find it pretty easy to RSVP NO to any and all party invitations. But Leigh Anne’s invitation is to a different kind of party, and this is one I feel confident I can enjoy.


A Favorite Book: I’m going to bring one that I don’t think enough of my teacher friends have read: Meghan Whalen Turner’s The Thief. It’s the first in a series, so once you fall in love with Eugenides, the main character, (and you will), you can read four more books set in his world. It’s fantasy but set in a world that feels like ancient Greece to me. It’s short, which is a rare treat in fantasy series. And Eugenides is one of the best characters in all of fiction. It’s also brilliant on audio.



A Favorite Person: I’m going to bring my mom. We always have fun together. Plus, it only seems fair given that she reads every single word I publish on my blog and texts me whenever there’s a typo or grammatical error or formatting problem. She’d probably like to bring her own favorite book too. (Mom, what would you choose to share?) Be sure to ask about her formerly feral cat, Barbara, who’s the Mama Cat in my stories about my little feral cat family. (This is Barbara before she was tamed.)


A Favorite Food: Cake! I’m with Hyperbole and a Half: cake is the only thing that matters. And I don’t even care that this is a copyrighted image.


A Favorite Song: I don’t have a favorite song. Is it weird not to have a favorite song? Could I bring a second book instead? Or maybe a second cake?

A Surprise: I am sure my long-time readers can guess what I’d bring as a surprise. KITTENS! Kittens for everyone! Just to be clear: these kittens are not my kittens. These kittens are what happens when you do a Google search for “all the kittens.” Try it! It will make you happy! Also, these kittens are clearly too young to be separated from their mother or from each other, so I guess I will have to keep them all.

all the kittens

But here is one of my kittens: Chipotle dressed in fringe, ready for a party.

chipotle in fringe

And I’d bring Zorro, because he makes life a party all day long:


And special thanks to Terje and Christie, whose posts today inspired me to accept Leigh Anne’s invitation.



38 thoughts on “I’m Joining Leigh Anne’s Party Too: Slice of Life #sol18 19/31

  1. I am all for cake. k I never met a cake I didn’t like. I do like this idea for a post. It is fun plus it says a lot about interests the person. I, too, think that it is wonderful that you would bring your mom.

  2. Yea! I am ao glad you accepted the invitation. And someone who brings cake is always welcome! I have The Thief somewhere on my shelf! Maybe I should go look for it. I know you said the kittens were not yours – but how adorable they are! I am adding you to the guest list. Thanks for coming.

  3. I read Deb Day’s party list yesterday and posted things I’d bring to the party in the comments, but now that I’ve read your party list, I have some ideas of how to put my own “meow” on this kitty party. I might have to crash the party tomorrow. Today is for party planning. And if “mom” reads the comments, I hope I don’t have typos! I want first choice of kittens, too.

    • A kitty party! YES! I actually hadn’t been planning to use this slice prompt, but for some reason, when I saw “a surprise” this morning, I immediately thought kittens and knew I had to write the post just so I could bring KITTENS. You can definitely have first choice. After adopting the little feral family and keeping all the kittens (four), I’ve decided that the way to go with cats is to keep the whole litter. Watching siblings interact is such a joy; they all adore each other; AND they are the most well-adjusted and happy cats I’ve ever had, and I’m just certain it’s because they have less trauma in their lives than most cats who lose their entire families! So… you might consider the whole litter! For the sake of the mama cat, I hope that’s 2 or 3 or 4 litters, but at this point, they all look bonded and probably need to stay together! 🙂

  4. How lovely to be your ‘Plus-One’!! As you (and all mothers) know, I will be happy over this honor for days (or longer, lol). It is so hard at my age (68) to choose a favorite book. Maybe I would choose all of Jane Austen because who could choose just one? I loved the photo of Barbara with her tiny feet and her big eyes. BTW, I cannot believe that basket of kittens!

    • Well, all of Jane Austen is published in one omnibus “Complete Novels” so you wouldn’t technically be cheating if you brought that book. And it’s a fine choice. I considered bring Jane Austen as my favorite person, but decided I’d have more fun with you. That basket of kittens might strain my new commitment to keeping the whole litter together!

  5. Love the number of cats you managed to put into one post. I had sister cats for eighteen years, and they were the best. I need to check out that book, sounds intriguing. My favorite cake is Italian Cream Cake, full of pecans and coconut, yum. This party is a fun one to attend.

    • Mmmm, Italian Cream Cake! I’m sure this post was fun for me to write because I kept founding ways to wedge some more cats into it. I’m pretty sure my blog would be boycotted if I only wrote about cats every day of the month, but I seriously could!

  6. Bring kittens and you are guaranteed to be the life of the party! (The cake won’t hurt, either.) You have me intrigued about The Thief. I will have to look for it. 🙂

  7. This is such a fun post – I read one over the weekend, too! Love the party idea! My favorite part about your post is ” I don’t have a favorite song. Is it weird not to have a favorite song? Could I bring a second book instead? Or maybe a second cake?” Great alternatives!

  8. Yes, but if we know you’ll bring kittens, does it still count as a surprise?

    The other great selling point for The Thief is that it leads to The Queen of Attolia, which is just delightful.


  9. Definitely excited about the addition of kittens to our party. I posted yesterday (and fudged on the book(s). So happy to see all those kittens and pics of your cats too! I’ve read The Thief (used it as a read aloud for sixth grade) and loved it, but have never read the sequels. Guess it’s time to get moving. Can’t wait for our party!

    • The King of Attolia (Book 3) is my very favorite, but I think her latest, Thick as Thieves (Book 5), might be my second favorite. Definitely worth continuing to read! I think a basket of kittens would add a lot to any party.

  10. I need to join the party! I first hopped over to Amazon to order the Thief on Audible. I had 2 credits waiting. I wish I could meet your mom.

  11. Fun idea for a post. I like cake. A lot. And kittens. Although I really like puppies better. But I would settle for kittens. Especially kittens as cute as all of these. And I would bring my mom too!

    • Puppies are fine–as long as they belong to someone else! I hope never to have a puppy again, and this is a NO I can stay firm on, no matter how hard my son begs and pleads. (He also really wants an orange kitten, and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have to do much persuading there!)

  12. Interesting to be getting to know you, so to speak, on your blog, Elisabeth, which is, of course, different from knowing you by having an office right next to you. Anyway, the favorite song thing caught my eye. I do have a favorite song, I suppose (my favorite book is probably Their Eyes Are Watching God, or maybe Tao Te Ching) – but you’ll laugh at what I think may be my favorite song – it’s “Palomino,” by DD. Not terrible sure why, but there it is (of course, I can throw in that I currently can’t get R.E.M.’s “Begin the Begin” out of my head).

    • Ha, you had no idea I thought about cats this much, did you? Your favorite song choice is making me very happy this morning! That’s a very quirky pick, especially given how much music you listen to and how very knowledgeable you are. I have only read Their Eyes Are Watching God once. I should probably remedy that with a reread, especially as I think I read it when I was an undergrad.

      • I have a growing awareness of your, what, fondness for cats. And yes, my long time enjoyment of DD (not to mention a-Ha) would probably surprise some folks. On TEWWG, there’s a reason she’s on my door – just at the top of the heap for me.

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