The Beginning of a New Project: A Kimo Poem #NaPoWriMo18 #NPM2018

ccac north library book stack


I am fortified with a stack of books
Defense against the unknown
A semblance of safety


Notes: The kimo is a form that’s new to me. Writer’s Digest describes it as an Israeli haiku, with three lines of 10, 7, and 6 syllables.

national poetry writing month 2018

12 responses to “The Beginning of a New Project: A Kimo Poem #NaPoWriMo18 #NPM2018”

  1. I love hearing about new forms. How fun! Fortified with books may be how I should face the coming storm.

    • I think fortified with books is always the best course of action before taking a course of action! I like learning about new forms too. I also like the additional spaciousness of that first line in a kimo!

  2. I want to feel safe in books. Most of the time I do, but these days it’s a struggle. So many books deal w/ the world’s scary realities. The alliteration in the last line is powerful.

    Unlike Amanda, I’m not a big form fan–usually. That’s because I see many forms function as go-to forms that have become cliche, but you have found wonderful forms that are unique, so I’m making of list and will try them as the month progresses.

    • I sort of stick my head in the sand with my reading–tons of picture books and middle-grade, and, this month, tons of books about poetry, the reading and the writing of it. I have a giant stack of books that follows me around as I work. I see what you mean about many forms becoming a cliche. I prefer to work in forms that I’m not familiar with for that reason. I made a list of interesting ones from that Writer’s Digest site and still have a couple more I want to try this month.

  3. You have uncovered some really interesting forms. I want to try skinny poems, and now this one. And I have a half-finished shardoma on my list, also a cherita, which I just found today on a Poetry Friday blog. I think that long first line would be fun to work with.

    • I tried to write a shadoma the other day and got totally stuck with it. May try again though as it’s an interesting form. I’ve never heard of a cherita! Now I’m off to research….

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