How to Get the Writing Done #NaPoWriMo18 #NPM2018

padlocked door by sean o domhnaill.jpg
Start with:
        a bottle of ink
        a ream of paper
        a sturdy lock 
for the outside of your study door

Write on:
        blue paper for fiction
        yellow paper for poetry
        pink paper for articles
        index cards

Write with:
        only purple ink
        large blue pencils

Write standing.
Write stretched on your belly on the carpet.
Write in the passenger seat of your car.
Hang upside down.

        500 words before noon
        1000 words
        3000 words
        250 words in 15 minutes
        2 perfect sentences

Drink whiskey.
Drink 50 cups of coffee.
Work a twelve-hour shift,
        then write all night.
Never write on a Friday.

Mail-order six peacocks, one peahen, and four peachicks.
Seek supervision from your cat.
Examine your dog for fleas.

Strip naked
        except for a gray shawl
Wear a white coat.

Smell the spoiled apples in your desk.
Watch the sand flow through the hourglass.


Notes: This is a found poem that I created after reading The Odd Habits and Curious Customs of Famous Writers from Brain Pickings and 20 Weird and Wonderful Habits of Famous Writers at Write to Done.

Photo CC-BY Sean O’Domhnaill at

3 responses to “How to Get the Writing Done #NaPoWriMo18 #NPM2018”

  1. This poem is really fun. I know one or two of the habits (hi there, Hemingway) but it leaves me curious about the others. I also leave both laughing and inspired: laughing because people are weird and inspired because, as it turns out, you can write any way you want.

  2. This is hilarious. Looks as though the whiskey (nod to the mysoginist on a boat) has kicked in, or the cats have been helping shift the paper. BTW, I asked students if they had any ideas for a poem. They just looked aghast.

  3. I love this! Your creativity every day is amazing! I also really like the way you did the line breaks and indentations. The presentation is super fun and eye appealing!

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