13 Ways of Looking at Procrastination #sol18 #NaPoWriMo18 #NPM2018

procrastination quote 3

1. Find a metaphor: percolating, steeping, fermenting.

2. Consult your horoscope: “Your sixth sense is right on target, Cancer, so trust your instincts today. Stay close to those things that resonate strongly with your morals. The answer is in front of you; you don’t have to search too far afield in order to find it.”

3. One more cup of coffee.

4. This is why Internet rabbit holes were invented.

5. Chores appear oddly compelling.

6. Cognitive reframing: I am not procrastinating. I am seeking the missing piece of the puzzle.

7. Device distraction: Twitter, Netflix, Stitcher, Facebook, Kindle.

8. What’s that out the window?

9. More cognitive reframing: “Procrastination is a sign of the perfectionist.”

10. I see dirt I’ve never noticed before. It bothers me.

11. The buzz of an incoming text message.

12. A sock drawer cries out for a Marie Kondo tidying up.

13. Perhaps a short nap first.

procrastination quote 6

19 responses to “13 Ways of Looking at Procrastination #sol18 #NaPoWriMo18 #NPM2018”

  1. Holy laughing hysterics! I could relate to each and every one of those bullet points! (Oops, I think I just called myself out.) I would have done the same as arjeha but just like my immediate bursts of laughter exploding at the end of each line…there was no procrastinating over telling you this was the best.

  2. I love this list poem! It reminds me of a piece of writing a student of mine just wrote…about procrastination!

  3. #12 is my favorite. I have been putting off the spring cleaning I want to do because I know what taking that on will mean for my poetry goals and grading. Speaking of procrastinating, I started a “Thirteen Ways of Looking at…” poem three weeks ago after teaching Wallace Stevens’ poem. As you likely know, I have not finished it.

  4. This reminds me very much of Wallace Stevens’ “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird,” which I am sure was deliberate. I love it! I feel that way working from home sometimes. Strange things can become bizarrely compelling when I just cannot face reading one more research paper! (And in my actual classroom days, I’d have random fits of needing to reorganize my file cabinet or clean out my students’ returned papers files!)

  5. This made me laugh out loud! I think you must have been watching my poem writing efforts this month. Although I don’t think I have ever succumbed to #5 or #12!

  6. Yes, this was procrastination perfection! I love it (and yes, this is me too…) Like right now I should be … but instead … You understand. 🙂

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