Acrostic #NaPoWriMo18 #NPM2018



Who can say cats
aren’t holy?
Spirit incarnate
living poem
sacred offering
modern totem
or maybe the god of love himself
come to earth.

Notes: My favorite cat, Chipotle, inspired this poem. There he is in the photo! I have been trying and failing to write an acrostic poem for days now. I know, I know. An acrostic! The easiest things in poetry totally stump me. Maybe I just wasn’t choosing the right word. As soon as I started thinking about Chipotle, this poem started to come together. Probably I should just write about cats, the prairie, or poetry every day, because I can always find a poem about one of those three topics.






9 responses to “Acrostic #NaPoWriMo18 #NPM2018”

  1. Amanda Potts Avatar

    You are making me fall in love with Chipotle, too. “The god of love himself/ come to earth” – that pretty much describes how one of my cats feels about herself, too. Also, I love this way of writing an acrostic – I’d never thought of doing that before!

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      I meant to add in the process notes where I got the idea from and totally forgot. Oops! Sorry, Fran McVeigh. I need to edit and link to her post. I’d never seen middle of the line acrostics either, but they’re much better than first word acrostics, I think. Chipotle is a very fine cat to be in love with! Of course, what cat isn’t the right cat to be in love with??

  2. cweichel Avatar

    Chipotle reminds me of a cat we had when I was small. I have to admit that this is a new version of acrostic poem. I thought each line started with a letter of the world, but I like your’s better.

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      I forgot to give credit to where I found this idea! Will have to update the Process Notes. I don’t think I could write the more traditional acrostic poem without coming up with some VERY random words!

  3. Anna Avatar

    Chipotle looks darling! I’m a cat person and I just absolutely loved this tribute to Chipotle.

  4. glenda funk Avatar
    glenda funk

    Of course, I’ll not argue with your assessment of cats. Chipotle is lovely, and I really like the poem, especially the question it poses.You could do worse than to write about only three things. It worked for Emily Dickinson: love, nature, death.

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      Thanks, Glenda. Had to laugh at your comment about Emily Dickinson. There she is, writing about the biggest possible topics, and here I am, with my cat poems! (I’ve never liked Dickinson’s poetry, mostly because I think it’s hard, but I can appreciate limited topics, short length, and lots of dashes. Perhaps I should revisit and try reading her again.)

  5. karpenglish Avatar

    A very clever subversion of the acrostic, plus, it lets you use more words so the poem does not seem like a random list. (Possibly I have trouble with acrostics too. 😉) Chipotle is sweet. He looks a bit like Ariella, who is also a tuxedo cat.

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      Yes, that’s one reason I’ve never liked acrostics–such random words and often not very beautiful words either! I also discovered another problem I have with acrostics–confusion about initial letters. I had been working on one about gardening using overwhelmed as my word, and I had several lines written in my head–only to realize as I sat down to get it on paper that no, “every” does NOT start with the letter v. Good GRIEF! I love tuxedo cats (and now have 3! All quite marvelous, though of course Chipotle is the best of all.)

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