5 Things I Would Like to Do More Often: Slice of Life #sol18

Thinking about five things I would like to do more often is very different from thinking about five things I should do more often. The “shoulds” come so easily. I should eat more leafy greens. I should clean my house more often (or at all). I should reply to all those emails I’ve been ignoring. I should drink less coffee. I should put things away after I use them. I should only check out from the library the number of books I can comfortably read in a week. I should renew my books before I owe money in fines. But what about the wants? What would I like to add to my life to bring more pleasure and joy?

Hike. I live just a couple of miles from an amazing national park and just a few miles more from an equally amazing state park. I love to be outside in nature, yet I constantly have excuses for not hiking. It’s too cold, it’s too hot, there’s too much snow, there’s too much mud. There are too many bugs. There are too many people. Maybe I need to read The Nature Fix to remind myself just how important getting outdoors is.

Paint. For one magical summer, I kept an art journal and I created something every day. I took an online class in art journaling. I learned techniques. I bought supplies. (So many supplies.) And then I got busy, and I quit, and I forgot all the techniques, and it feels like such hard work to dig out all the supplies and relearn the processes. But daily art is truly a joy.

Watch movies. We watch sooooo many sports and sooooo much TV that we often forget about movies. This week we ran out of sports and wrapped up our latest TV show marathon and watched 80s movies. I got to thinking about all the 80s classics my son still hasn’t seen. Perhaps it will be the summer of movies?

Listen to audiobooks. I blame podcasts. I love podcasts so much that I forget about audiobooks. But there are so many stories that I think I would like better in that format and that I think my son would also enjoy listening to. Perhaps it will be the summer of movies AND audiobooks?

Take more photos. I used to be in the habit of taking photos every day. I love having a record of something interesting I’ve seen each day. If nothing else, eight cats provide quite a bit of photogenic subject matter!

This post was inspired by Elsie’s 5 Things to Do More Often. (And watching movies is also on her list!)







23 responses to “5 Things I Would Like to Do More Often: Slice of Life #sol18”

  1. blacksheepsreality Avatar

    perhaps you can combine some of these. Maybe they photography and the hiking. Or painting the trail of your dreams to hike.
    Either way making a plan to do more things you enjoy is always great….now the hard part of finding the time and motivation to follow the to do list.
    I wish you luck on your to do list.

  2. arjeha Avatar

    This is a great list. It is so easy to get caught up in routine things and doing what has to be done that we sometimes forget to take the time to do what pleases us. We all need that time as well.

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      The good news is that I already read and write every day, so I don’t have those to add to the list! And of course, plenty of petting of cats!

  3. tbreitweiser Avatar

    Nature Fix is a great book!

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      I really need to read it this summer. I have it on audiobook, so maybe that’s where I will start listening to those audiobooks more often!

  4. barbara suter Avatar

    It sounds like the artist in you is dying to be released. Get that art book and camera out now! Don’t wait another minute. And take those walks even on the “unpleasant” days. You might be pleasantly surprised. (Don’t forget to bring your camera and notebook with you!)

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      I hadn’t made the connection, but you’re right! And you are wise about walking on the “unpleasant” days. I think we have a hike scheduled for tomorrow. Looking forward to getting out and I’ll definitely take some photos!

  5. Andrea Clark Avatar

    This is a cool format for a slice. I will have to use it in the future when I am looking to try something new (or have writer’s block). I hope you are able to find time to do more of these “would like tos” in your life.

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      I’ve been holding onto this idea for a couple of months now! It’s nice to have some slice ideas ready for those days you want to try something new or don’t know what to write.

  6. Amanda Potts Avatar

    I love lists – and I love this list – and I completely identify with the shoulds vs would like tos. And I snickered at the bit about the library books – um… yes. I think Barbara has a point: your inner artist is trying to get out. Maybe let her have a look around for a while? You can always shove back inside if she gets too messy (or checks out more books).

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      She will certainly check out more books. Who could paint without first consulting many books about painting??

  7. shawndastories Avatar

    I LOVE this focus on wants instead of shoulds. It’s a great reminder to myself, because I’m guilty of spending all my time on the shoulds, not getting to the wants, and then being grumpy as a result. All of the things on your list sounds like great habits to get back into during a summer break. Good luck!

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      Thank you! Summer break is the perfect time to try to incorporate a few more wants.

  8. franmcveigh Avatar

    I love this and especially that it is a list of things that you would like to do. Some days get so wrapped up in the shoulds. . . What a great reminder! Even just to make time for one “would like”!!! 🙂

  9. elsie Avatar

    Those “shoulds” are pesky and irritating, but ahh, the list of “wants” are a delight. Maybe trade off, choose a should, then do a want or flip it and start with a want. Here’s to hoping there’s more wants in your life this summer.

  10. Akilah Avatar

    Ha, I have given up on most podcasts because I prefer audiobooks (though I am currently in a slump). I want to see more movies, too. The Movie Pass has helped with cost, but it still doesn’t buy me time in my schedule, sigh.

  11. mbhmaine Avatar

    What a great slice format! I love that your focus is on the “wants” rather than the “shoulds.” I’ve been making a deliberate effort to take more hikes and am loving it! I hope you can invest some time in these “wants” and reap all sorts of rewards.

  12. Wondering and Wandering Avatar

    I’m a nature geek and hiker, too. And I just started reading The Nature Fix. So far so good! Now where photos are concerned, I have the opposite problem. I take my camera everywhere and I am trying to wean myself off of it. I’m trying to be in nature and just enjoy more, rather than always trying to capture the perfect shot. Great slice and format. I’m adding it to my “Writing Ideas” Padlet. 🙂 https://padlet.com/wymanc/fhn5xjs2w5w8

  13. margaretsmn Avatar

    I wish we could get together during the summer and hike and do art journaling, watch a movie. So many of these things I don’t make time for during the school year. My summer starts soon, so I’ll be making one of these lists.

  14. Trina Haase Avatar
    Trina Haase

    Loving this list! I cannot wait to emulate it!

  15. carwilc Avatar

    Love this! Even though I was hoping there would be a visit to Denver on your list! And so much of it matches the wants in my life. I want to hike more. Use my membership at the Botanic Garden. Practice sketch noting. And yet there are also so many shoulds- clean house, clean my garage, clean my storage locker. How to balance everything!

  16. readingteachsu Avatar

    Love this list And this idea. Sounds like a summer plan. Composing mine as I write.

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