#CyberPD 2018: What I Plan to Read


#CyberPD is one of my favorite online summer professional development opportunities. A lively community of literacy teachers led by Cathy at Reflect & Refine and Michelle at Literacy Learning Zone share their summer PD book stacks. One of the titles that shows up on multiple lists is selected, and participants connect via Twitter, blogs, and Google Community to read and discuss together in July.

I often have better intentions than follow-through with summer PD reading, but I am already off to a good start this summer, having finished four PD books in the past four weeks. I doubt I keep up the book-a-week schedule for this kind of reading, but since I have a new course I’ll be prepping for pre-service teachers called The Theory and Practice of Teaching Reading, I might have no choice!

Much of my planned reading is actually rereading to prepare for this course, but I have plenty of new books in my stack as well. I am most excited about these six titles:

  • Literacy Essentials by Regie Routman
  • It’s All About the Books by Tammy Mulligan and Clare Landrigan
  • Being the Change by Sara Ahmed
  • A Novel Approach by Kate Roberts
  • From Striving to Thriving by Stephanie Harvey and Anne Ward
  • Embracing a Culture of Joy by Dean Shareski

It would be swell if the #cyberPD choice ends up being a book I’ve already acquired and planned to read, but I know I will enjoy reading and learning with the #cyberPD group no matter what title is chosen.






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